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There’s a lot of pressure on personal trainers to deliver a service to clients that want to lose weight or change their bodies. As I began my own path to recovery from diet culture, I struggled to offer my services in good conscience to my personal training clients. What the industry seemed to want, went against my inner values of trying to promote and educate clients on the practice of intuitive movement, intuitive eating, and body respect. 

As I made this transition, one thing became clear: I wanted my clients to feel empowered. I wanted them to walk away with tools they could access to feel more connected to their body. 

My training approach began to shift away from weight loss and an appearance-based focus, towards educating my clients on things like their anatomy, biomechanics, and respiration. My goal was to increase things like their proprioceptive awareness and decrease things like self-demonizing their body’s appearance. My training began to center more on optimizing their movement & increasing their overall sense of well being. I no longer wanted to support any practices that reinforced weight loss, diets, or appearances.

Perhaps you’re like me, and you’re a trainer with a history of an eating disorder and exercise addiction. You want to promote wellness without obsession to your clients. You want to coach in a way that honors your values. And you feel overwhelmed by the industry’s deeply rooted diet-culture values, which heavily promote things like weight loss and body transformations. 

Am I the right fit for this?

My consultations are for anyone who wants to become a personal trainer without contributing to diet culture. It’s also for pre-existing trainers that want to learn how to work with clients in a way that aligns with intuitive eating based principles & a wellness without obsession approach. If you’re done with supporting diet culture messages of weight loss, dieting, and body shame, to yourself and your clients, this offer is for you.

I’d love to work with you to help you train in a way that speaks to your inner values and serves your clients beyond the standards of diet culture. These days personal training is so bogged down with weight loss, body transformations, and drastic before and afters. If these ideals don’t resonate with you it can be challenging to “make it” in the industry. 

This program is for anyone who wants to be a trainer that honors intuitive eating based principles, body respect, and wants to help reinvent the personal training narrative.

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