12-Week Training Program

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Why I Began Offering Custom Programming:

One of the most common statements I hear from my personal training clients is that they don’t really know what to do once they get to the gym.

Often they end up doing the same kinds of exercises.

They stick with what they know, what feels familiar.

And for a lot of the women I’ve worked with, this is often some variation of cardio: things like running or spin classes.

And occasionally they may explore some of the machines at a gym. 

I am also aware that not everyone can afford to continuously work one-on-one with a personal trainer but I believe this shouldn’t be the barrier to entry for access to higher quality training.

While almost anyone can write a singular workout…

Having each workout be part of a bigger plan that progressively builds off of the skills & strength you develop week after week

and is also written by someone with the credentials to back it up – now that’s a different story.

I started offering 12-week training programs to clients who felt this was a better option for them, and the feedback I’ve received from them as been overwhelmingly positive!



What can I expect?

Once you book a discovery call, when we chat I will ask you:

  • How many days a week you can workout based on your schedule
  • How much time you can realistically commit to each workout
  • What equipment you have access to
  • And your training goals

If after your discovery call. you feel like the program is a good fit for you, we will book a time to meet for a 1-hour session via zoom, to do a movement assessment. I believe strongly in education, during this session I will teach you breathing strategies based on your assessment and anatomy. These breathing strategies will set you up for optimal movement and bookend your workouts throughout your custom program.

After the assessment, you’ll have access to your 12-week plan via the Trainerize app, easily accessible right on your phone. With easy-to-follow videos of each exercise, sets, reps, and rest intervals – it’s all there for you.

I will be accessible via personal message, directly in the app. I do my best to respond as soon as I can to provide you with feedback, answer Q’s, offer modifications, suggest an alternative, and of course offer words of encouragement! 



Recent Client Feedback:

Between my limitations with lack of equipment and modifications in my workouts, due to where I was lacking. You were truly incredible.

When I asked what achievements, intentions, or goals they’d achieved with their training, they said:

A better sense of wholeness and a better mental state.

How This Program Will Help You:

You’ll have an easier time flowing through your workouts.

The real value is that you’ll feel guided, empowered, notice yourself making progress, and learn to feel more connected to your body!

My client’s who’ve committed to their 12-week training programs have absolutely loved it. 

If you think this might be a good fit for you and want to chat more you can book your FREE 15-Min Discovery call here:


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