12-Week Training Program

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Building A Base: 12-Week Training Program

This 12 week, three phase program was designed with the intention to get you moving and feeling better in your body – and building a base of well rounded athletic movement.

The program combines strength training, progressive overload, breathing strategies, with an emphasizes on tendon health (aka feeling springier and bouncier), and encourages the development of athletic movement (helping to improve posture & physique).

I created this program because I wanted to offer affordable access to higher quality training beyond one-on-one coaching.


What Can I Expect?

12 weeks, broken up into three phases (4 weeks each) of programing with three workouts per week – for a total of 36 workouts

Each workout takes 40-60+ mins (you can tailor and adjust each workout depending on how much time you have)

Options for at-home or at the gym workouts based on your lifestyle

Video demos of each exercise with written descriptions

An intro guide designed to give you the “why” behind the positional breathing strategies and help you choose your best squat variation

Includes a mobility day called ‘Learning To Hip Hinge’ designed to set you up for success with form with both deadlift and squat movements

Positional breathing exercises designed to help you maintain a neutral “stacked” body position – so you avoid things like low back pain and move more efficiently overall


Do I Need An Athletic Background?

This program is designed to help build overall athleticism with foundational movements. You do not need an athletic background to participate in this program or to have it be beneficial to you.

The progressive overload aspect of the program just means that you will be progressively increasing your training load over time. This can be done by increasing the resistance, duration, intensity, and/or volume. By gradually increasing the training load (stress), your body will continually adapt! Essentially each workout is part of a bigger plan that progressively builds off of the skills & strength you develop week after week.

Remember you can always access to me via personal message, directly in the app. I do my best to respond as soon as I can to provide you with feedback, answer Q’s, offer modifications, suggest an alternative, and of course offer words of encouragement! 

What Do I Need?

If you choose to do the program at home I have an affordable Suggested At-Home Equipment List here

You’ll need to download the free Trainerize app and complete the online profile.

You can get the program here


What Does It Cost?

Move Better Feel Better 12 Week Program with three workouts/week = $220

*available at this price through the end of January 2023


How Will This Program Help Me?

The real value is that you’ll feel empowered, stronger, and more connected to your body!

I’ve taken all the guess work out of your workouts – so you won’t have to think about what you’re doing that day, it’s all structured for you!

You’ll have an easier time flowing through your workouts.

My client’s who’ve committed to their 12-week training programs have absolutely loved it. 

How Do I Get Started?:

You can get started on the program by clicking the button below:


Got any questions before you get started on your program? Send me a message here:

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