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LPP #142 What To Expect Moving Forward

It’s always my hope that even if you have a different story that you can hear parts of yourself in the conversations had here, and that you can walk away with tools on how to navigate the not-often-spoken about…

LPP #140 My Birthday Reflections

In this weeks Liveng Proof Podcast episode I’m share a recent episode I recorded on my second podcast: Gal Pals. This was a very special conversation that invited me to dig deep and reflect on myself. It brought up…

LPP #137 Reclaiming Your Mental Health Experience with Evie O’Conner

Evie O’Conner is a trauma-informed yoga teacher and therapist in training. She is currently completing a Masters in the Clinical Mental Health program in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. Her offerings focus on awareness, allowance and integration of all…

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