LPP #138 Eating Disorder & Exercise Addiction Recovery, Healing Chronic Pain, and Navigating Grief with Tamara Braendle Onofre

In this episode I’m chatting with Tamara Braendle Onofre – a holistic health coach & personal trainer. Tamara is an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, health at every size, and eating disorder recovery. In this episode Tamara shares her experiences with recovery from an eating disorder, exercise addiction, chronic pain, and the loss of her mother.

Friendly disclaimer: there may be topics in this episode that you personally find triggering, and that is okay! Should this happen, please do whatever it is that you need, to take care of yourself. Lastly, there are certain foods mentioned as well as disordered eating and exercise behaviors described in this episode. Tamara also mentions specific exercise duration. 


Instagram: @tamara_fit27
Website: thefitmuffin.com

Email: engrid@livengproof.com
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Her experience with a traumatic hip surgery and cast as an infant and the effects this had later in her life

Mother also underwent her first battle with cervical cancer at this same time (1.5 years old)

Moved to the United States from Switzerland (10 y.o.)

Developed anorexia (over exercise / under eating) (11 y.o.)

Hospitalized for the first time and was forced to enter treatment (13 y.o.)

Obsessive exercise – exercise addiction began to bloom to compensate for eating more (15 y.o)

Developed hypothyroidism, induced by her undereating 

Started bingeing and purging every night (17 y.o)

How her Mom helped her to stop purging altogether

Started abusing prescription drugs to lose weight (college)

How a break up catapulted her recovery

Due to excessive running, her pelvic bone collapsed and she almost lost her leg. Around this time her mother was also diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

Her experience having a major reconstructive surgery which forced her to stop exercise completely.

Permission to not work out – that we ALL have permission to not workout at anytime.

Her grieving process after losing her Mom shortly after her wedding

Eating disorder recovery as an accelerated course in self development and discovery

Learning to not let your struggles define you


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