LPP #2 Leading By Example with Joe Myhren



  • The importance of celebrating and acknowledging accomplishing a goal
  • How he honors his core values even in situations where they are tested
  • Where we get in trouble in life is when we don’t know the risk, but we continue to push forward anyway
  • How to break free from the reluctance to change familiar habits to achieve what we truly want
  • Work verses play life balance  
  • The importance of establishing your principles, values and morals and living a life that honors them
  • “Leading from the front” and the characteristics of good leadership. As well as the pressure of being in a leadership position
  • His opinion on movement cues
  • The THREE exercises he recommends everyone should be doing daily
  • The importance of appreciating WHY we need to practice a movement, in order to execute the movement with purpose


About Joe:

  • He has his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Springfield College
  • Played football field for 4 years while in college
  • Team captain his senior year
  • Completed an APTA accredited Sports Residency Program with Proaxis Therapy in Greenville, South Carolina
  • Treated directly with Dr. Chuck Thigpin and Dr. Ellen Shanley, who are both extremely influential with the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapies.
  • Spent a large portion of his residency providing on-site treatment for the North Greenville University Crusaders
  • Worked alongside the Carolina Panthers Strength & Conditioning staff and the sports orthopedic surgeons and physicians for Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas
  • Has his advanced certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), as well as, a USA Track & Field-Level 1 Instructor



“ People who are aspiring to be in the service industry, we just got to remember that the successes that we help people get, aren’t our successes, they are their successes and then we can just be thankful and hopeful that we were part of their successes” (39:10)

“Just acknowledge that…I’m not really the person in the spotlight… but how we help people get back into their own spotlight, that’s really what matters” (51:20)

“We constantly  live in the pendulum of ‘am I making myself happy?’  Am I making people around me happy?’ And I think that pendulum swings back and forth and we get in trouble when it stays swinging on one side more often than the other” (45:29)

“We have to appreciate why we need to practice a movement, before we are going to do it purposefully” (1:10:25)

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a nice reminder to honor your values. Don’t be scared to take the lead. Recognize that true leadership & success does not come from focusing on ourselves, rather it comes from shining the light onto others. It’s also a great episode for anyone looking for a discussion on movement & mobility.

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