LPP #5 Lifting Up The Masses with Bobo

James Bobo Eason grew up an athlete: he played football, baseball, and basketball. He picked up his first set of weights at 15 years old. The plates powdered with dirt from the set-up he had created in his backyard. He eventually made it into a real gym, but realized he was on his own to figure everything out. Ultimately this became his reason: he wanted to give to others what he had not had in those early days – someone to show him how to properly use the equipment.


Trial and error proved to be his method back then. Bobo kicked off his career as a bodybuilder at the Greenville Athletic Health Club in 1978 and placed 2nd. With his competitive drive, he knew he had found his calling. His early days as a drug-free bodybuilder eventually led him to powerlifting. In 1982 he began his powerlifting training with the intention to put on some size. And he did just that. Bo put on 77 pounds to his 5’7” frame; from 178 during his bodybuilding days to a solid 255.

shredded Bobo

To no surprise he excelled in the powerlifting arena.His heaviest squat (in the gym) was 804, his legal DL at 710, and his legal bench was 460. He held the state record for his deadlift for 9 straight years. He went on to continue his career as a bodybuilder into the early 90’s competing in LA at the Musclemania World Championship and won two years in a row! He has also competed internationally at the Drug-Free World Championship in London, England.


If you know Bobo – you know he’s not one to boast or brag. He is an unassuming character who likes to lay low but I felt that his story deserved to be heard. He has carved out his own path in this world and changed the lives of so many people along the way. Bo’s playful disposition and sweet nature can make anyone smile. He has warmed the hearts of so many. I truly felt it was an honor to capture his story to share with all of you!



  • How Bobo got started with bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • What he did to prepare for his competitive lifts
  • How he stays focused on the positive and deals with negativity
  • Recognizing that he knew he needed something to drive towards in his life
  • What he did differently his second time around with bodybuilding
  • The fears he faced growing up and how they’ve molded him into who he is today
  • His overall message: Be nice to people. Do something to lift other’s spirits. Be kind.


In my excitement to share Bo’s story I posted about it as an upcoming episode on facebook and the comments I read spoke volumes about how loved this man is.

Brook Cooley said:

“ James Bobo Eason can speak to you once and you know you have a mentor AND friend for life…since the first day I met him he became my chocolate daddy & I love and respect him so much”

Kathryn Williams wrote:

“ The world needs more people like Bobo.”

Tara Yvonne Brown said:

“I couldn’t have asked for a better man than James Bobo Eason to have stepped in my dads shoes when he died. They were best friends and he is a amazing man. He cares deeply for anyone that has the pleasure of knowing him. Love you daddy BOBO”

Loretta Eason

“I’m his sister and you couldn’t of said it better. He is the best brother a sister could ask for.”

David Anderson responded with:

“He lived across the street from me. He is an amazing man, always stops by the booth at shows and buys new stuff. Fate is a fickle thing and sometimes we are given golden opportunities that are irreplaceable.”

Warren Mowry said:

“ Superman wears a BoBo t-shirt …”




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