LPP #139 Exploitation Vs. Authenticity, Honoring Your Inner Child, & The Process of Forgiveness with Madison Morrigan

Madison Morrigan is a 4x international award winning life coach, speaker, and creator of Awaken Her Soul, a 14 week mentorship program designed to help womxn embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on self-responsibility and full expression, Madison coaches ambitious and creative womxn to shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally come home to their true selves. Madison has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, has a certificate in conflict resolution and legal mediation, and is proudly Certified BYCA Coach. This conversation started rolling from the moment I hit record. I decided to just roll with a less “official” starting point and I kind of like the comfortability of it. 



How she chose her name (Morrigan is the celtic goddess of war, death, and rebirth)

Divorcing her husband & recent coming out experience as queer

The resistance that she feels when she feels oblisgated to inform people of her sexualtiy 

Wrestingling with not wanting exploiting herself for other people’s understanding, but also share authentically

Social media can make us feel like “we” are the product, it can hinder us to really see one another as people

“When we treat ourselves like a product, people stop seeing us as a person”

How do you know what is sacred (aka not to be shared publicly)?

Is social media, trauma bonding?

She shares about her childhood, growing up with an alcoholic parent who she was enmeshed with

Her experience with spirituality & religion

Her coping mechanism of overidentification with high performance /work addiction

Understanding our coping mechanisms/ trauma responses served us at one point but may no longer (once we feel ready to heal)

Healing her relationship with high performance & owning her voice

Upleveling ourselves into things that scare us

Getting comfortable experiencing life as a participant/student/peer, accepting instead of being the leader and space holder

The vulnerability of being seen in my power around other women, in person

Realizing the self work, only works when we’re showing up eventually in relationship

There’s information in our patterns (Am I usually the leader? Am I usually the space holder? Do I do things to avoid being the object of attention?)

We are not our pain and/or trauma. We are not our coping mechanisms. We are not our beliefs or our stories.

Target analogy: Outside ring: our person, our personality, the stories we tell ourselves (the self we become to accommodate the world). Middle ring: True Essence (who you’re actually here to be, outside of what culture/ or your trauma tells you to me). Inner ring: True Divine self  (we are all connected and made of the same thing)

Why authenticity is not simply disclosure

Processing forgiveness: I don’t have to be punish, resent, withhold, or be angry with someone to feel justified in my feelings

Coming to terms with that you “I will never get what I needed” and learning to protect and honor your inner child

Learning to honor & feel our anger and grief

Unlearning self-abandonment

Embracing forgiveness and allowing (allowing yourself to feel your feelings)

Forgiveness in the ability to soften around something

She speaks to the idea of both/and

Pendulate the ability to fluctuate between two places in your body


The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Test

Irene Lyon

Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home


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