Make it Happen Captain: Live Your Dream!


I’m definitely an optimist, a major dreamer, always hopeful, anticipating the best…

Of course the down side to this is that I may not always be the most realistic. I also don’t always consider the details and I may often fail to realize the reason’s why something won’t work. I
 can get way ahead of myself and think way further ahead than I need to. Then I can become discouraged because I feel defeated that I’m not where I want to be yet.

I’m lucky because my hubby grounds me and reminds me to stay on track! Making small goals achievable goals has helped me SO much. Don’t get defeated that you haven’t reached your final goals yet, instead set small attainable goals for yourself that will get you that much closer to your end goal! For example, I will read one chapter each day…instead of reading them all in one day. This approach also helps to make reaching your goals less overwhelming! You’ll be surprised where this will take you : )



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