Squat Jump Out of that Workout Rut!

Hi Everyone!

Do you ever find yourself wondering “I workout regularly and eat pretty healthy, but I’m not seeing any changes in my body. What am I doing wrong? “

I’ve been there, trust me. Instead of getting frustrated, own it! Channel your energy positively and remind yourself that in order to see results and truly change your body fat composition you’re going to have to alter your approach! If your goal is to see changes in your body you’ll have to tweak what you’re currently doing. Like my Dad always said, “If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got”.

I’m right here with you! I’m challenging myself with this too. Don’t settle for mediocre, you’re capable of so much more, I know it! I want you to challenge yourself to truly push during every single workout! Its YOUR time and you deserve to get the most bang for your buck!

Have you ever stepped onto a machine at the gym and just gone through the motions (okay I admit I’ve definitely done this before)…But you’re only cheating yourself out of the amazing benefits! If you’re really dragging, try to pay attention to your breathing, your posture, are you maximizing your stride? Could you improve your form?


Focus on what you want and chase it! I like to listen to the spin cycle station on the iheartradio app when I’m at the gym, especially for my morning cardio sessions! I will even put my headphones in while I’m brushing my teeth and start listening to it to get myself pumped up and ready for my workout! I’ve even been known to sleep in my workout clothes so I’m that much more ready to get up and get going! I find that I’m almost finished my morning workouts before my body has even realized what I’ve challenged it with : )

I look forward to my morning workouts. It helps to start my day out right!

It wakes me up, I’m in a better mood, and it’s done!




Keep your body guessing try different things! Im trying crossfit for the first time On Monday next week (yes I’m a little nervous). Its definitely out of my comfort zone but we don’t grow unless we try new things. Who knows maybe I will surprise myself! and atleast I’ll have a story to tell : ) Trying something new can also mean playing some beats and shankin yo tail feather around your living room for 20 mins! Have fun with it!

xo Engrid

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