Staying Motivated!

When it comes to working out, staying motivated can be challenging. I recently had one of those days when I felt like no matter how clean I’ve been eating or how hard I’ve been working at the gym, my body was just not accurately representing my efforts.This can be frustrating and defeating but rest assured, I have some helpful tips to kick those bad-news blues to the curb:



Ladies – I’m about to get a little personal – I think you know where I’m headed here…Days prior, I always somehow manage to forget that my body is not it’s normal self. That the distorted and bloated stomach I see, is a deception. I have to remind myself that this is not really what I look like. I call this my “period blindness” where all logic and reasoning is temporarily disregarded. I get this idea in my head that even though I’ve been exercising regularly and haven’t changed a thing in my diet…that somewhere along the line I must have slipped up.

 This is when I have to re-evaluate: I literally have to ask myself; “Have you dramatically changed your diet?” No. “Have you skipped out on the gym lately?” No…”But your body is bloated and your jeans are tight?” Yes! Remind yourself that this is normal and it will go away in a few days! When I know this is happening I’m conscious to drink plenty of water, reduce my sodium intake, and stick with my workouts (sweating helps alleviate water retention & bloating).


My best friend and I are separated by over 1000 miles but I consider her my greatest workout partner! We text each other our daily workouts, cheer each other on, and hold one another accountable. She recently began training for a 10K and had set a goal to run a consecutive 6-miles, which she hadn’t yet done before. She texted me before her run; I wished her luck and told her I knew she was capable of it! Getting her text after shehad finished her 6-mile run was so inspiring to me! I know it always helps me stay motivated to read her words of encouragement and feel her support. I love our daily check-ins and they truly hold me accountable. Also, when I hear about how she’s challenging herself it gives me a greater incentive during my work-outs because, I know that if she is pushing herself, than I can too!



I probably don’t need to tell you that Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of fitspiration and motivation! When I’m having one of those days where I’m either tired or just not in the mood to workout, I consult fitness and inspiration boards on Pinterest! The images of fit and healthy people help me to appreciate my body and  motivate me to get to the gym to treat myself to a sweat-sesh. I’m proud to say that the photo below is not photoshopped, and it’s me!



If you’re really struggling to get yourself to workout (we definitely all have those days), tell yourself “You only have to do 15 mins on the elliptical” or something to that effect. Chances are that once you get there, you will end up working out for longer than 15 mins. Half the battle is just showing up!


Routine is one of the biggest buzzkill’s when it comes to working out! Don’t be shy, get out there and try a class you’ve never done before at your gym. Trade your treadmill at the gym for an outdoor running path. Try cross fit (that’s still on my bucket list). Download some new tunes!  I also love the variety of workout routines from the Tone It Up girls, Karena & Katrina!

This is how I keep myself motivated! How do you stay inspired and motivated to get your workouts in?

xo Engrid

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