LPP #34 Custom Made, Custom Paid, Custom Fitted with Bill Mitchell of Billiam Jeans

Bill Mitchell, Owner:  billiamjeans.com | Instagram:@billiamjeans


In todays episode I’m speaking with Bill Mitchell. Bill is the owner of Billiam Jeans, located here in Greenville SC. And if you’re ever in the mood for a good laugh I highly recommend checking out their daily live at 5 on instagram live @billiamjeans In this episode we talk about everything from growing up with detectives as parents to setting up shop & selling his jeans in the back of a rock climbing gym.

Billiam Jeans began in 2009 with a sewing machine from goodwill and youtube, and a vision. Originally, Bill began tailoring different garments one summer because nothing would fit quite right…. And eventually this lead to him creating a pair of jeans from scratch. In this episode you will hear about his grass-root beginnings, the pivotal lessons he’s learned along the way, and ultimately how Bill got to where he is now:
8 years later, with a spacious storefront location that doubles as their production space. Where they not only produce custom denim but also belts, aprons, and a custom GVL clothing line. Additionally Billiam Jeans products are sold in many boutiques around America as well as across the pond over in the UK with Oliver Sweeney.



Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, I am confident that Bill’s enthusiasm to staying curious, will inspire you. I believe that we naturally gravitate towards what we are good at. I know in the past, that I had a tendency to feel like if something wasn’t difficult – I must not have been doing it right. Somewhere along the line, I got it in my head that “working hard” was synonymous with my worth. So I would (and still do) have a tendency to default to making a situation a lot harder than it needs to be. But I’ve learned the importance of recognizing my own strengths. I realized that when I gave myself permission to just be me, life became ridiculously more enjoyable & easier. It was such a foreign concept that I could just LET GO of this practice I had of exhausting myself: trying to be what I thought other people expected me to be. And I think this practice of mine was really rooted in fear. Fear that if I actually was my true self, it wouldn’t be good enough. Of course I had to learn that this was a story, and stories can be rewritten.


I think Bill is such a strong example of what it looks like to really let go of habits that don’t serve us, and replacing them with our passions and strengths. Recognizing that each leg of the journey will have its ups and downs. It will not be perfect, we will make mistakes, and it is in this space that we will have the freedom to dream. Where we get out of our own way, and give ourselves permission to create.



Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike, Phil Knight


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