LPP #25 Younger & Hungrier with Dan Everett

Dan Everett

Co-owner of Everett Sports Marketing

Dan Everett is a someone you don’t forget. Founder of Everett Sports Marketing (@everettsportsmarketing on Instagram and Facebook) he is a true visionary with a tenacious passion for what he does. He describes himself as “younger and hungrier than his competitors”. And he’s keen on building lasting relationships with his clients. And despite being in the business of sales he prides his company on staying true to their values: always following through on his commitments.


Growing up on a rural chicken farm in backwoods Georgia left little room for silver spoons. A childhood that came with great responsibility & high expectations to help support his family’s business. This work ethic lent itself to successfully starting his own gig at age 12 when he began selling billy & nanny goats, a trade that he continued to profit from, well into his college years. Dan knew he wanted to carve out something of his own. He knew he wanted more. It is with this feverous drive that he has been able to change the conversation from the perceived dichotomy between following your passion and financial freedom. He legitimately is liveng proof that you can do both.


This episode strongly illustrates what amazing thing can happen when you decide to adopt a proactive and positive mindset. From humble Mom & Pop beginnings to where ESM is today partnering professional athletes with brands including Under Armor, Audi, Titleist, and Sketchers. This is a story of grit and a testimony that if you stay dedicated you will achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

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