LPP #33 Seeking Your Greatest Potential with Heidi See

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Today I am speaking with one of my most exotic guests to date: Heidi See. Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Heidi has been living out her passion for running as a full time career since 2012 . She says that “competing at an international level and representing my country is what I will always be most proud of.” Okay can we just take a second here to bask in this. I still can’t believe I got to interview this girl!! I meeeeean, it’s not everyday you meet a world-class runner (training for the olympics) from the other side of the globe. Which just goes to show, how many truly amazing people we are surrounded by every day… if we just take the time to seek them out ;-). Like I said, Heidi is a world-class runner and is currently training with the goal, to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. At 15 years old this girl ran a 4:30.55 in the 1500 meter, where she placed 7th at the World Youth Championship in Marrakech, Morocco. Since then, she has had quite the journey in the world of running – which you will hear about in this episode.



On an anecdotal note, this conversation brought me back to my childhood to a time when I felt the most confident I’d ever felt in my own sport of swimming.  Athletics are truly an amazing thing. The discipline, drive and commitment. They really do bring an energy and confidence that is like nothing else. I also love sports and movement because they require you to be present in your body. You cannot get away with simply moving mindlessly through the motions. You are in tune with yourself, your breath, how things feel in your body.



Because I think, so often many of us are running away from how we feel in our bodies. We are distracting ourselves, numbing ourselves, finding ways to avoid. This episode was such a strong reminder of the power we ALL have available within us. Yes, only a small percentage of us will ever be world class at something – especially in a sport. However, the determination and tenacity Heidi shares in this episode are things, I believe we can all apply in our own lives. In this episode Heidi shares about some of the toughest things she’s faced both mentally and physically. She reminds us that even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be right now – this doesn’t mean you are not capable of getting there – it may just not be the right time yet. She goes on to share how she deals with unexpected circumstances and her practice of acceptance.




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