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Today I’m talking with Will Shurtz one of the co-owners of Methodical Coffee. Which opened on February 11, 2015 with pennies in the bank and a perpetual line out the door. Methodical Coffee is owned by Will Shurtz, David Baker, and Marco Suarez. Will is the roaster and coffee leader, David handles business operations,  and Marco designs the brand and experience. In this episode we talk about everything from coffee cocktails, coffee roasting profiles… to the goals he has for his marriage.


  • Definitive explanation of specialty coffee
  • What is a coffee cocktail
  • How to ground your mind when you get hit with not “making the cut”
  • His advice on how to find a mentors
  • The importance of creating a company culture where everyone feels love and trusted
  • Will’s take on community and why working with others towards a common goal is so crucial
  • The importance of enriching other people’s lives
  • Why it’s essential to know your ‘why’
  • Serving a higher purpose: whether it’s in your marriage, friendships, or career.
  • We discuss marriage, the 5-love-languages, and examples of communication.

As my podcast continues to grow I am reminded about why I do this every week. I believe in stories. I believe that vulnerability creates connection & community. I believe that hearing other people share their journey is an expression of what it means to be fully human. And I believe that these stories can change our thinking. The way my podcast does this is by providing you with true and authentic stories from those who HAVE followed their passion and are living whole-heartedly in line with their values.

And to honor this mission, I think it’s important that you also hear the real side of my journey as I forge this path. So I’m going to be real with you –  I am human and I have this thing with expectations – you could call it somewhat of a hitch. Once I’ve landed something “really big or important” (like this interview for example) it’s typically followed by slippery voices of self-doubt and fear of messing up. And everyone seeing how “unprofessional” I am or something like that.

I will also tell you that I booked this interview in the most laid-back way possible. I was dog-sitting one evening. My husband and I took the dog out to the dog park to let the little guy stretch his legs. We were about to head back in when Will Shurtz was walking by the outside of the fence of this dog park. I recognized his notorious man-bun as he strolled on by the fence with his pup. Our dog ran over to the fence to say hello to his dog and as they say – the rest is history.

So it’s not like there was a ton of pressure from Will – he’s about as laid back as they come. The pressure to “perform” well when I think something could really pan out or be successful is all in MY HEAD and it’s pretty relentless. I doubt I’m the only one who struggles with this. So instead of pretending like I have it all together over here I just wanted to clear the air. Please be patient through the first bit because I simply couldn’t contain my nervous excitement. I just found this conversation so fascinating and interviewing Methodical Coffee was honestly a dream of mine from the get-go. I promise, I do settle in…and the conversation takes some amazing turns. There’s some beautiful sights to see all along the way.

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