LPP #29 In Robust Good Health with Tyler Helikson

Matt Whitley & Tyler Helikson, owners of the restaurant
Happy + Hale | instagram @happyandhale  | Facebook @happyandhale


 HALE  is old english and it means “in robust good health”

In this episode we discuss everything from how to perform a proper handshake to acai bowls, and mindfulness practices. In short – we cover a lot of ground in this episode. 
As far as the restaurant business goes, the writing was on the wall from an early age. Tyler’s parents were also restaurant owners. The proverbial apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. He grew up hearing family dinner discussions about the daily grind of running their family’s restaurant. In this episode we cover the humble beginnings that lead to where Happy + Hale is today – recently opening their third location here in Greenville SC.


The importance of feeling heard.
Listening vs active listening.
Clutter breeds clutter. We don’t just bring something in, it has to serve a purpose.
Have meaning in each item that you have.
The meaning behind their name:Happy + Hale
He gives his advice to young entrepreneurs
We discuss the elements of a good-quality handshake and why it’s important
The importance of forming a core identity versus the temptation to emulate what everyone else is doing.
You can’t be everything to everyone. Hone in and do what you do, really well.
Taking personal accountability/responsibility (instead of blaming others)
Recognizing what you are responsible for
Mindfulness practices
How do you put the most into every day.
Dealing with the challenge of quieting the mind.

I also wanted to share with you that in preparation for this interview I am little embarrassed to admit that I did not have the proper storage prepared to sustain the full length of this conversation. Fortunately, I was able to capture just under 90 mins of interview time. As it were, Tyler and I were only able to get to a few of the rapid fire questions at the end of this episode, which I know tend to be a crowd favorite. Needless to say it’s been a learning experience, especially because my gut told me, we had about another 10 mins of very solid conversation left in the tank. But things don’t always go perfectly, and you just have to learn to roll with it and move forward.

I also think this particular situation was a great example of overcoming the fear of being perceived as less than perfect. I’ll set the stage:  Let’s say the day I had this interview, I went to set everything up as usual about 1 hour prior to meeting with Tyler, and realized I was low on storage space. At this point I try transferring a few large files to an external hard drive to free up some space. As I begin to do so, I inevitably realize that this is going to take WAY too long. It’s then that I have a decision to make.

ONE: I allow the fear of appearing unprepared to set in. I begin to feel panicky and anxious, which subsequently makes it harder to solve the problem. I continue to let fear take the wheel. Fear based thoughts permeate my judgement: “will I run out of storage space during the interview? Will it look unprofessional? Will I look unprepared? What will he think of me if this happens? I might at this point look for ways to reschedule the interview.

TWO: Instead of letting fear take the wheel I keep it belted in the back seat. Fear may continue to have a tantrum back there – but just like a cranky child – the tantrum will pass. It is then that I can resolve to address how I will navigate this problem. I reason that I should have enough storage with whatever remaining files I have time to transfer, and that whatever happens happens. And honestly If I had allowed my fears to take over, I wouldn’t have the gems I got during this conversation.

Timing is everything. And I am a firm believer that every interview I schedule is somehow “destined” to happen, when it should. Instead of allowing fear to dictate my plans – as you might have guessed I went with option TWO. As Tyler said during this interview “the fear of failure is much smaller than the fear of what if”. Basically, I don’t want to look back and regret that I missed an opportunity, even if it means I risk being less than perfect. And I have to say that despite the fact that I didn’t get to all of the rapid fire questions – I’m here right now telling you about this episode. Admitting my mistakes. And guys it’s really not THAT bad. At the end of the day I know that the reason I produce this podcast is for you guys! It’s pretty simple. I share these conversations, in the hopes that the stories from my guests will help lift you up, open your eyes to new ways of thinking, and brighten your day

I think it’s safe to say that most businesses when starting out, encounter some growing pains. I just feel fortunate enough to have had this issue occur on this particular interview – because as an entrepreneur and successful business owner, Tyler couldn’t have been more understanding!


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