LPP #28 No Pressure, No Diamond with Ruta Fox

Ruta Fox

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Ruta Fox is honestly unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and she has a story that stands out from the rest. It genuinely sounds more like a motion picture than a personal narrative. I am confident that you will be in awe of the serendipitous circumstances she shares here in this episode. Ruta is the founder of Divine Diamonds, home of  The Ah Ring® – The First And Only Diamond Ring Created For Single Women. A business she started out of her 450 square foot studio apartment in New York City. After single handedly launching her business. Ruta found herself in a very curious predicament. As luck would have it Ruta was able to share her product with Oprah through a friend. And sure enough, Oprah selected Ruta’s Ah-ring to be included in Oprah’s favorite things, The O List in The Oprah Magazine. The catch, she had 6 weeks to take her freshly launched business to the big leagues. With her background as a former fashion advertising executive, she knew she’d hit the jackpot, but also knew she might be in a little over her head. She had a matter of weeks to figure out the logistics, ordering, shipping, and receiving of this ring. In this episode she shares her story.

Divine Diamonds and The Ah Ring® have been featured in over 200 national and international media placements in newspapers, magazines, on TV and the radio and on countless websites, too!

Many celebrities are fans of The Ah Ring, too.  Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Teri Hatcher, Kirsten Dunst, Joy Bryant, Eve, Tyra Banks, Minnie Driver, Selma Blair, Jessica Biel, Lauren Graham and many more!


Additionally she acknowledges the importance of slowing down and observing.

How being open and curious about the world around her helped her in business.

Ruta discusses how important the details are, and how often they go unnoticed.

She talks about her positive self-talk practices when she get’s caught in the grasp of  “am I enough?”

Ruta believes the luckier you believe you are, the luckier you will become.

She stresses that nobody will care about your business like you do!

There will be mess-ups, mistakes, and errors she encountered that were beyond her control, and it is because of these obstacles that Ruta grew fearlessly independent.

I am reminded of a quote: “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” After hearing her story I believe, everything up until this point in Ruta’s life had prepared her to be on Oprah’s O-list. In Ruta’s case she fell back onto her courage to stay the course. She slipped back onto her fortitude to forge ahead and figure it out. She resolved to tap back into the faith she had in herself. Her foundation solid and sound, with her voice of “why not?” reverberating louder and drowning out the doubt.

After landing on The O List in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Ah Ring was lauded by Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, In Style, The New York Times and Entrepreneur as well as many other magazines, TV and radio shows, and online sites. You can see the Ah-Ring for yourself over at divinediamonds.com

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    June 1, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    Ruta forgot to mention the ONLY REASON she ever got on the O List is because her Psychic Bea is the “friend” behind the magic of the Ah Ring which never would have happened if it were not for her Psychic Bea. Her psychic told her she would come up with a great idea for a business and when she came up with the Ah Ring, her psychic Bea told her to make 100 rings and when she had the 100 rings, lo and behold . . . her psychic Bea had a friend named Michelle who had just got a job at Oprah’s magazine and her psychic Bea called Michelle and mentioned the Ah Ring and Michelle said, “OMG Bea, the girls in the office and I were all talking about getting a pinky ring.” Her Psychic Bea sent Ruta over there and Michelle showed it to Oprah and Oprah put it on her O List. Thanks for O-mitting that part Ruta.

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