LPP #27 The Real Deal with Paula Rallis

Paula Rallis

paularallis.com | Instagram @paularallis | YouTube Paula Rallis

Paula is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, but beyond her absolutely stunning photos and well-stylized outfits, Paula is REAL. She craves depth (just like yours truly) and shares things with her readers like her own insecurities, permission to have confidence with our creativity, and her personal journey with IVF. Paula is quite literally a breath of fresh air. This conversation took all kinds of pleasantly unexpected turns. And even as I re-listened to it during the editing process, I didn’t want this episode to end. Since meeting Paula I have personally felt inspired to act on topics we discussed during this conversation. I am allowing myself to be more vulnerable. I have begun to share my writing (something I do quite a bit of, but up until recently have not shared). Paula has an infectiously inspirational energy. I know I was captivated by her vulnerability, self-confidence, and outlook -but to top it off she’s so vogue it kills me. 


Paula’s reality versus what is portrayed of her life via  social media and her blog

She opens up about her recent miscarriage and deeply personal 16 month struggle with IVF

We examine the roots of rejection and comparison

The self-care practices she uses to steady her soul (especially when her life feels out of control)

Rekindling her most important relationship of all: the one she has with herself

This episode was absolutely stocked with depth and gut honest vulnerability

videography: Orion Yorke

Often times after an interview I am exhausted. Although I hesitate to even use that word, because it can have a negative connotation. It’s honestly the kind of exhausted I’ve been craving my entire life. I am connecting with someone on a deeper and more meaningful level. I will tell you what my podcast is not. It’s NOT:  two people discussing surface level topics and exchanging pleasantries. My podcast IS: sharing the truth. It’s bringing to light what often goes unsaid. Because of the rarity with which these topics are spoken, I treat my guest’s with the utmost respect. For this reason when I am interviewing someone I am quite literally “all ears”. As I said earlier, the deeper stories are in the details. And they can be easy to miss. It’s my job to sift and dig and notice when something sparkles. If I brush away the dirt, I can unearth a gem.  My husband asked me the other day “do you think you will ever get bored of this?”….to me, that’s like asking someone if they will become bored of novelty. I can’t imagine getting bored of podcasting, because no one person shares the same exact story.  

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Photos From: paularallis.com


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