I ♡ DIY: Pinterest-Inspired Mason Jar Storage

mason jar storage idea

What can I say I was inspired by Pinterest! I make things like my energy bites and protein date bars on the regular and I kept finding myself having to deal with a variety of powders, meals, grains, and granules. Ain’t nobody got time for that; in the time I’d spent opening and closing all the bags and boxes I could’ve finished making the recipe, driven to the gym, and started my workout! I just wanted to be able to conveniently grab the ingredients, make my recipe, and go – so after scoping Pinterest I found a solution and  wanted to share this DIY with you!

You could also use this idea for organizing and storing anything in your home that you use frequently – makeup brushes, hair elastics, bobby pins, craft supplies, pens, paintbrushes, etc.

mason jar storage how-to

I just went to home depot and found a kitchen shelf insert that was the exact fit I needed to under-mount above my kitchen sink. I’d be lying if I told you I actually did this project solo, I had a lot of help – okay mostly my husband made this happen – but after seeing him do it I’m confident I could’ve done it myself (He’s just a little more patient than I am). We did a test piece just to make sure it would secure the way we wanted. And it’s perfectly alright if your gorilla glue squirts out past the edges, because unless it’s way up high no one is going to see it! Also be sure to measure and space them out enough so that you can easily unscrew them!

Tools I Used:
gorilla glue 
13 Large Mason Jars
Shelf Insert
13 1/4″ screws
Tape Measure


I love the way it looks and it’s cut down on prep time! Functional and cute – that’s a win in my book!

Have you ever done a Pinterest inspired DIY project? What was it? I’d love to hear : )


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    candies & crunches
    February 19, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    I already use ‘mini’ Mason Jars for makeup & for pens. However, I do like the idea of storing other things in there too. I’ll need to look up how to do some cute stickers for them 🙂


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