What I did for my Workout: Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I am a regular spin class attendee (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning to be exact haha)

I first took spin classes in college and instantly fell in love with it. I also sweat probably more than anyone in the class – no big deal ; )


Every gym is different, but because there are a specific number of bikes available you typically have to call or sign-up online ahead of time (just check with your gym!). I actually set an alarm on my phone to remind myself of when I can call to sign up.

But don’t sign up just yet!
Before you sign up for the next spin class available, you should definitely ask around! Certain classes maybe harder to get into than others, which is typically a good indicator of how popular the instructor is! This is so important, I can’t stress enough how much an instructor can make or break  your experience (and the quality of your workout)! You have to find the right instructor that works for you – because each one has their own unique style. I find that instructors vary on a couple different things:

1. music selection
I find that this can be catered to the crowd. I personally like newer music (variety of rap, hip-hop, pop, and techno) that gets me motivated to break a sweat! But what inspires me may not have the same effect for you, so finding an instructor who plays music that gets you pumped is key!

2. workout variety
Do they tend to follow the same basic workout template? Or are they constantly mixing it up?

3. communication
How much do they talk to the class? Are they providing you with feedback (telling you where your HR or RPM should be, how tired you should feel after a certain set). This also includes how encouraging/motivating they are! A good instructor should be conscious of you and each person in their class. They should push you beyond what the THINK you can do and track it. They may remind you, “here is what you did last week, you are amazing.” They are there to LIFT you up.

If you’ve ever walked by a spin class and thought “I just don’t think I could do that” I want you to think reconsider! Don’t let the loud music or instructors intimidate you (usually they are “yelling” words of encouragement and motivation)! I encourage everyone to try a spin class. The other people in the class always gives me sense of camaraderie as we tackle the workout together as a team! And remember you are in complete control of your resistance, so YOU decide how challenging or easy to your workout is. Regardless of your current fitness level, spin classes are a fun and effective cardio workout!

An amazing instructor is someone who:

  • Recognize that this workout is for you!
  • Strives to be a PRESENCE for you and acknowledges that everyone there looks forward to each time they come to class.
  • Avoids negativity! (for example they don’t start the class off by telling you if they feel like crap that day).
  • Pushes you past your comfort zone!
  • Focuses on all things positive – especially when you are tired, which will give you energy!


Hope you’re having a great week!


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