Some of My Favorite Things

Some of My Favorite Things:

anthropologie ceramic fruit basket
Anthropologie Farmer’s Market Basket:
This was a birthday gift from a friend and I’m obsessed with the both the color and the function of this dish!  I LOVE it! Also how pretty does it make the strawberries look? It’s so much prettier than a regular colander. I find myself buying things in the store and getting home and realizing it looked so much better before I bought it. Not buyers remorse so much that it’s just like why can’t my whole house just look like anthropologie? Find it here!



Antrhopologie Turquoise Timer Magnet



Anthro look-alike Aqua Stamped Bowls


After Dinner Walks:
The weather has gotten nicer and it stays light long enough now! So after dinner my hubby and Iike to go on a little stroll. It might be just 20 minutes but I like catching up this way and even its just a short walk its a nice habit to get into when the weather starts getting nicer! And its always good to work towards that 10,000 steps a day.



My Birthday Surprise:
The night before my birthday my husband snuck out of bed after I was asleep and began to inflate balloons with a helium tank he had purchased (didn’t evenknow you could buy those!). Then proceeded to blow up about another 100 balloons to fill our kitchen floor with. I had to wake up early that morning for a training session and was completely surprised! Nothing says birthday more than a ridiculous amount of balloons everywhere!


Dinner at my Favorite Restaurant in town (The Lazy Goat):
We don’t eat out often but when we do I love to hit up my favorite tapas restaurant! Their Brussels sproats are my favvvvvorite – everytime I have them I literally sit there and close my eyes and savor each flavor! I can never get my Brussels like that at home – so I definitely “ratatouille” each bite 😉

The Fit Cast – Podcasts!
I recently discovered the FitCast and have been crushing episodes while I am on the stairmaster or while I am stretching/mobilizing! It’s all interviews of people within the fitness industry about topics I am uber interested in; strength training, nutrition information, training client advice – I am a nerd when it comes to this stuff! I seriously love it!


foam bun shaper

The Foam “Sock-Bun”
This thing has been a lifesaver! During the week I wake up between 4 – 5 AM to get to the gym and begin either my bootcamp or training session – so I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on my hair! This has helped me look somewhat put-together (which is far better than my usual bedhead-frizzy-pony tail).

Favorite Blogs & Articles/Podcasts:

  • This Blogilates youtube video about body image – seriously brought tears to my eyes!
  • The Fit Cast – Podcasts
  • This CloudyApples youtube video about ‘How to Acheive Fitness Goals’ – love this video and all her entire channel for that matter! She has such a down-to-earn wholehearted approach to life that I am on board with!

Favorite Moments:

  • Having a friend text me a screenshot of one my instagram workouts and telling me that she had done it.
  • Starting a new routine of a super long weekly walk with a friend! The time seriously flies by and we really connect and share about so much. I always feel so close with her after we say goodbye. Its important to me to nurture those relationships I have with someone I connect with! I love how when we are talking – it never feels like there’s enough time – we both just have so much to share. I feel grateful for having someone in my life who is so real and just gets it!
  • Being told by one of my boot campers that her experience with me has been life changing. Seriously – I have the best job in the world!
  • Meeting the owner of a very upscale spa at a networking event and having one of those conversations where you stop noticing anything else in the room! She was a living breathing example of a women who empowers other women! I loved her!

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