Move-It Monday: What I did for My Workout!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately asking what I do for my workouts so I thought I would just start posting them, as I do them each day! Just a heads up, this week will look a bit different than normal because my mentor (and class instructor) is out this week on vacation…so the strength and toning components of my workouts are back to just me! Next week though is going to be intense – get ready!

HIIT Intervals on Treadmill : 30 MINS
For this I just alternated between 2 min intervals of high intensity (around 7:10 – 7:30 min/miles) and 1 min of medium intensity (around 8:10 – 8:30 min/miles)

Elliptical: 20 MINS
For the particular ellipticals at my gym I like to do put it at  both the MAX resistance and  MAX incline (This steady state cardio kept my heart rate between high aerobic to low  anaerobic range; 165 – 178ish)

30 x Side Bends: with a set of 25 lb dumbells (alternating to each side)
25 x Squats holding 25 lb dumbell out in front of my body
30 x Deadlifts: with a set of 25 lb dumbells
30 x Overhead Tricep Extensions: with 15 lbs
15 x on each side Row to Tricep Kickback: with 15 lbs
25 x pushups
40 x Walking Lunges: with a set of 20 lb dumbells (40 lbs total)
15 x Burpees into overhead shoulder press: with set of 8 lb dumbells
55 x Tummy Tucks (holding a plank position bring your right knee to your right elbow, repeat on left side – thats 2 reps – so count each one as a rep)

Also I love mash-ups! I especially love listening to these while I workout because the song is constantly changing so I don’t get bored! I recently discovered the artist ‘D.Veloped’ and created a radio station of it on my Spotify…I credit my intensity during this workout to this music! I was crushing the HIIT workout on the treadmill this morning – felt amazing!



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