LPP #98 Eating Disorder Recovery, Being A Solopreneur, and Evoloving With Your Business with Engrid Latina & Katherine Weltzien – of Brain’s Behind The Brands Podcast

On this episode Engrid sits down with fellow podcaster Katherine Weltzein to discuss what initially drew her to start her personal training business, how her business fostered her recovery from an eating disorder & exercise addiction. Katherine is a blogger & podcaster, who created a platform where self-identified young women can show up as their honest, imperfect selves, and still be considered important.

When Katherine interviews she asks thoughtful, non-obvious questions, and holds space for her guest to share. The tables have turned as Engrid share’s how business acts as a mirror for our mental and emotional health, practical advice on exactly how to deal with people who say things we disagree with, and the importance of allowing your business to evolve with you.

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  • what first inspired me to start my business
  • what initially drew me to personal training
  • Receiving messages from my inner wisdom and actually listening
  • My craving for genuine connection
  • how I felt like I could (finally) be myself as a personal trainer
  • How my business fostered my eating disorder recovery
  • How my business is a mirror for my mental and emotional health
  • How my natural curiosity supported my success
  • The importance of asking myself “what would I want or expect from a personal trainer/podcast host?”
  • Differentiating between helpful advice from others and running my own business and showing up as yourself
  • At first I was so worried about how everyone else was doing things later to discover the importance of asking myself how I would do things
  • How to navigate situations where you disagree with someone
  • How my exercise addiction initially impacted how I ran my personal training business




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