LPP #9 Off The Beaten Path with Anthony Tenaglier

Imagine this —

You start do everything right, you graduate with a solid degree, you get a respectable well-paying job, and you start to earn a “living” but you feel like something is missing. And what’s worse; the reality that you are  just a cog in the wheel and 40 years away from retirement, hits hard. 

This is where my guest Anthony Tenaglier found himself one day. He began to dig deeper and started getting back to his roots hiking, climbing, and journaling his thoughts. What started as mere notes to collect his thoughts Eventually became his first published book: The Impression of a Good Life: Philosophical Engineering 


The Impression of a Good Life: Philosophical Engineering

Anthony was seeking a better reality; one that aligned with his values of hard work, entrepreneurship, and crafting a meaningful career. In his book he brings light to the uncomfortable truth about the traditional song and dance: the life we think we are expected to live. 

Here’s the raw, vulnerable truth about designing the life you want to live and the lessons Anthony has learned from his own life.




  • Anthony tells us how being asked if he thought himself a failure, brought him to where he is today
  • He believes that the greatest teacher we have in our lives is our own wisdom
  • Anthony talks about his journey and its relationship to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • He talks about how his initial goal in life was to work towards retirement. But when he dropped out of school and got fired after climbing the corporate ladder with his left ring finger empty, he felt his life was completely off track until he learned he was climbing the wrong mountain in life…
  • Anthony thinks that the pursuit of your true song and dance is essential to creating the reality you want
  • He believes that once we identify our values we can begin to change our lives
  • Anthony believes we should ask ourselves if we are willing to give up the guilt of what others thing so we can thrive inspire of it
  • He discusses the concept of developing your own custom recipe for life: one that you enables you to function best
  • Anthony tells us the importance of combining what you actually need in life with what you actually value
  • He mentions how the clarity of the steps you need to take in living a more fulfilling life will bring you greater happiness, energy, and ability to truly make a difference in yourself and others today.



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    Donna Latina
    December 15, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Fabulous Podcast! As always, Engrid poses masterfully direct and honest questions that produce authentic, intriguing stories worth listening to more than once! It’s all about the journey and this is a story not to be missed.

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