LPP #8 A Flawless Foundation with Johanna Hinkle Payeur

Today on The Liveng Proof Podcast, we are speaking with New Hampshire-based make-up artist & business owner, Johanna Hinkle Payeur of Jo Louise Beauty

We’re discussing how she got to where she is today, her mission to help women cultivate self-love & confidence, as well as her experience growing up trying to be traditionally “successful.”




From an early age she’s always loved to create. Growing up she was the go-to among her group of friends for hair and make-up. And like many creatives her path was certainly not a straight one. She originally pursued a path in graphic design, worked at a tanning salon, and even sold printers. All the while knowing she felt out of alignment. She decided to shake the idea of working the traditional 9-5 and began investing in educating herself about her passion: the beauty industry.

Knowing she had a vision of one day being her own boss. And she did just that! Johanna launched Jo Louise Beauty in 2014 and her business quickly took off. She eventually opened her own retail space. And just this month (Nov 2016) she has moved to an even bigger location to support her growing business. She is so grounded and stays focused on the thing that is bigger than herself: her clients & community!



Johanna has worked for the NH Primary in February during the CNN circuit. Where she had the opportunity to do the hair and makeup for Jeb Bush’s Wife, Columba Bush, the last night of his running.


I N   T H I S    E P I S O D E:

  • Johanna tells us how she grew up as a creative, imaginative and smart kid who was led to a career path that she really didn’t want to pursue.

  • Anna talks about how becoming a grahic designer did not really fulfill her.

  • She describes to us how she always loved makeup, hair, and beauty and finally listened to her curiosity.

  • Johanna tells us how she’s seen how ego’s can destroy you in this industry and she’s hyperaware to never let that happen to her.

  • She tells us her experience of growing her own business from the ground up.

  • She talks about how she is learning to actually schedule time off for herself  & the benefits of planned relaxation.
  • She tells us how doing makeup for others has allowed her to get outside of her anxious mind and feel re-energized.

  • Johanna speaks of how success is not derived from chasing external goals and validation, but really comes from within herself.


This show is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how to develop a mission-minded career.



Instagram: @jolouisebeauty

Facebook:  @jolouisebeauty

YouTube: @jolouisebeauty

On location she offers: Makeup, Airbrush makeup, lessons, eyelash extensions, spray tanning, blow dry bar/hair styling services


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