LPP #65 Celebrating Your Body (RN), Following Your Intuition, & Feeling The Feels with Sarah Polite

I am thrilled to have Sarah Polite on the show today! Sarah is a food & lifestyle blogger, as well as a fabulous storyteller. For 14 years she lived in NYC and worked in television including: MTV, VH1, Martha Stewart, Dr. Oz. And in today’s episode she shares about the serendipitous journey that lead to her to buying a one-way ticket to Greenville SC, to start the next exciting chapter of her life. Without a job, or a place to live, she instinctively followed her intuition: took the leap and trusted that the universe would guide her. She shares about the life changing experience she had during the 3 months she stayed at Hilton Head Health.

Side note: I watched her IG stories everyday, while she was at HHH, where she shared a recap of her day. They were seriously some of the most open & thoughtful reflections I’ve come across. She shared the fears she’d faced and the things she’d learned from them. In my mind Sarah is such an amazing advocate of: not judging the outcome of a situation or trying to run away from it, but instead feeling the emotions that come up & checking back in with yourself. It’s no surprise that we get a long swimmingly.


  • Wearing the thing that you are scared to wear because it makes “you look a certain way”  
  • Celebrating life NOW, not in 10 pounds less from now
  • Self-sabotaging thoughts and unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves, that we allow to dictate our joy
  • Always feeling like “I have to be okay” and holding in emotions, to coming to a place where she shares openly about her struggles
  • Not telling others how to feel
  • The power or following your intuition and allowing the serendipitous unfolding to happen
  • Letting go the burden of being a worrier, and embracing the idea that we don’t have control
  • The power of being OPEN to opportunity, to invitation. Giving ourselves permission to follow the breadcrumbs even if it doesn’t “logically” make sense.
  • Finding the joy in simply connecting – without an agenda
  • Trusting the universe + your intuition to keep moving forward when things feel right
  • Sometimes it’s hard to step into our greatness, into all the things we want and deserve
  • Staying present, but using the past as a reminder of how far we’ve come:  I don’t want to go back to that feeling of settling, to putting myself last, I want to be in touch with how I’m feeling, I want to feel connected to my body
  • Not doing things and allowing her body hold her back, but deciding one day that she wanted to be able to move
  • The life-changing experience she had at Hilton Head Health
  • The day she decided to stop weighing herself, was the same day she had done more things physically than she’d done in her whole life
  • Celebrating the things you did, NOT the put on-a-pedestal things that are NOT happening.
  • Honoring YOUR intentions – and not diluting our own needs when someone wants/needs something from us   
  • Connection  between our cultures oppressive beauty standards and our personal struggle with self acceptance
  • How she realized she can still eat the things she wants, but she can do it mindfully. She can do it from a place of celebration instead of a place of emotion, or obligation, or shame.
  • Non-scale victories are the best kind of victories


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