LPP #61 Rebelling Against Restriction & Redefining Beauty with Julia Datt of This Model Eats A Lot

Julia Datt is Australian born and brought up, and of Indian origin. She found great success as a beauty editor. Craving something more challenging she turned to high-fashion modeling. She went on to work in Mumbai India and was featured s on India’s version of Next Top Model.

Julia really challenged the cultural standards of what is to be a model. Traditionally models are expected to be submissive and basically void of personality. Julia was repeatedly told that she “talks to much, thinks too much, and needed to lose weight”. With a great passion for justice and fairness she fought to have influence in a corrupt industry. She asked questions like: “why do I have to be beautiful? Why do I have to walk around like a barbie doll to be liked or accepted?”


  • Growing up she never dieted or exercised, however when she began modeling in her early 20’s she adopted a daily 2-hour intense cardio session and restrictive dieting practices.
  • Her new strict lifestyle regime caused her to experience constant pain & bloating in her stomach (very common side effect of anorexia/over-exercise)
  • She shares various Ayurvedic techniques she discovered to help treat bloating + stomach pain (but acknowledges that since adopting a healthier more balanced lifestyle these symptoms have drastically subsided).
  • Ayurveda techniques she uses:
    Bloating = Coconut tablets / Turmeric tablets
    Orange Juice (acidity) to balance out a rich/heavy meal
  • She shares about her experience as an Indian model in Australia, and how she faced tremendous amount of rejection, as models of Indian origin were not favored there.
  • Her desire to be challenged is what lead her to become a model in the first place
  • Growing bored after finding quick success in her corporate career as a beauty editor and journalist living in Australia. As she quickly found success and wanted a new challenge
  • Modeling was the only career path she pursued where she faced constant rejection and did not excel quickly, which further stoked her fire
  • Her take on Instagram being a strong promoter of fad diets
  • As a model – she shares her perspective on the idea of “skinny” equating to being a desirable level of health
  • How she eats a little bit of what she loves everyday
  • Her practice of intuitive eating – spiritual & psychological elements
  • Why she chose jivamukti yoga: it’s very forgiving practice which teaches how to be more emotionally disconnected (less activity from the ego).
  • “I think yoga is very misunderstood because there are so many different kinds out there…I think the spiritual element gets lost when you’re in a gym and there’s mirrors, and its competitive, and show-pony.”
  • How we have become so accustomed to seeing ourselves through a filter that we struggle to be accepting of the beautiful reality of who we are.
  • Her self-care practices which include: not following triggering IG accounts, no longer weighing herself.
  • Being told repeatedly by modeling agencies that she needed to lose weight
  • Feeling suppressed & restricted as a model in the fashion industry – and her rebellious response: disliked for talking too much, thinking too much, and wanting to change things
  • She missed being mentally stimulated and resented needing to LOOK good all of the time. And began to rebel just to annoy the designers by eating the foods she actually wanted.
  • She remembers seeing how disappointed people would be in her for eating.
  • People will come to agree with what you’re saying when you have earned a certain degree of influence
  • How diets put both you mind + body in an unnatural state of confusion/shock and you’re unable to exercise your intuition or your bodies cues.
  • Beauty comes from having good thoughts & good intentions
  • There is no charm in looking like everyone else on social media
  • Why she has stopped wearing makeup, not wanting to be attached to her physical appearance of her face and/or bodyThe media does not encourage: developing your personality, being resilient, being kind or empathetic, being witty or funny


IG: @thismodeleatsalot





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