LPP #43 The Positivity of Pitfalls with Josh Pittman

Josh Pittman

pittfittraining.com | FB: @PittFittnessTraining

Today I’m talking with Josh Pittman. Josh is the owner of Pitt Fit Training. With his passion to find a way to serve others and cultivate freedom for his life – it’s no surprise that Josh is reaping the benefits of passive income and a flexible schedule.



The loss younger brother when he was just 6 years old
Left home at 15 years old
What he learned from his time serving in the Navy
How he coped with a life threatening diagnosis
His advice on finding a mentor & serving others
The four pillars that make a good leader
Staying true to who you are and your values
Fear of starting over: post failure  (plans can change, but visions shouldn’t)
The benefit of not knowing what you want to do


Surrounded by entrepreneurial influences form an early age – Josh is the epitome, in my humble opinion, of a what it means to be a hustler. Now I know this word gets thrown around a lot these days, and there’s some mixed opinions on what it means …but whatever your opinion is about what it means to be a hustler –  I think after hearing Josh’s story you will agree when I say that this guy has true grit. And whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, I know without a doubt that this story will inspire you. Josh is  my first guest to share something like this here on the podcast, and I can’t give it away so you’ll just have to listen! So without further ado please enjoy this conversation with my Josh Pittman.


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