LPP #42 Life Is Sweeter with Chelsea Phillips

C H E L S E A   P H I L L I P S

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Today I’m talking with my good friend Chelsea Phillips. Chelsea is the owner of Cake Papier a business she started that offers both custom letterpress and hand lettering designs. You can find her beautifully hand-crafted designs on IG @cakepapier and at her website: designissweet.com



Chelsea graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. She can usually be found taking care of her 2 year old son Gray and running her business! And life’s about to get a little more sweet, as she just announced that she is expecting another baby Phillips due April of 2018.

I first met Chelsea at the gym back in 2012. And we quickly became friends, unfortunately a few months later she and her husband Colby had decided to move to Savannah, GA. I didn’t know it when our friendship started – but Chelsea and I had both battled an eating disorder. It wasn’t until I launched Episode 31, with Jeni Cain, that I read a Chelsea’s review for the show over on iTunes. I reached out to thank her and we got to talking…

So as you can imagine this is a very special episode to me. Not only did this situation allow me to reconnect with a friend but it also sparked a very important conversation that I believe needs to continue. Please know if you are listening to this and you have struggled – you are NOT alone. This is a very open and honest conversation where Chelsea and I share some of the deepest and darkest details of our own experiences with our own eating disorders and our journey to recovery. I also believe that it’s not the lesson of the story, but in the actual SHARING of the story that healing happens.

This is very much a sister episode to the one I did with Jeni Cain (episode 31). Eating disorders are certainly a topic that I want to continue having a conversation about. I know I felt so isolated during my ED, and sometimes I still feel alone. But it’s through conversations like these that I know I grow stronger, my heart is filled with hope, and a warm blanket of calm envelops me. I feel secure and safer than ever knowing that I was not alone in this struggle.  

Also just a disclaimer that these are adults having adult conversations – there may be topics we discuss that you find triggering, so please do whatever you need to do, to take care of yourself! Also I would love to hear from you and want you to know that I’m here to help in anyway that I can!! You can email me at engrid@livengproof.com or message either Chelsea or I directly on Instagram: @cakepapier and @liveng_proof



  • Her eating disorder recovery journey
  • How she quit her steady 9-5 to start her own letterpress business
  • Dealing with her changing body image pre and post-pregnancy
  • Differentiating between the eating disorder and yourself


L E A R N + M O R E


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