LPP #41 Object No More, Let Me Speak with Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor

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Today I am speaking with my good friend Lauren Taylor who is not only a former Miss SC Teen USA and but also an attorney. With both jaw-dropping beauty and brains it’s no surprise that this girl successfully launched her own independent law firm shortly after passing the bar exam. She is the proud owner of Lauren Taylor Law, located here in Greenville SC.




And less than 10 mins into this conversation I knew this girl was brave. As we both shared our own personal experiences with parental estrangement. I have to say thank you to Lauren not only for having the courage to broach this topic and share about the toxic relationship she has with her own Mom, but additionally for giving me the space and fortitude to share more about my experience regarding my parental estrangement decision.




We go on to discuss the book she’s currently working on: ‘Object No More Let Me Speak’ which is collection of personal narratives of the struggles women face and their experiences with harassment. As usual just a friendly disclaimer that these are adults having adult conversations. So if you have little ones around you may want to pop in some headphones or save this episode for later. Either way, there may be topics in this episode that you don’t agree with or have strong feelings against – which is totally okay – and you are entitled to that. 

Lauren’s reason for becoming a lawyer
Her visceral reaction to stress
Her daily gratitude practice
Women choosing to either support or slander one another
How her self awareness gives her power over your insecurities
The “pretty girl” vs “smart girl” identity – how we subconsciously learn to seek praise.
What being beautiful means to her
Her advice on finding a mentor, when in pursuit of your dreams.
Your right to be selective about who you surround yourself with



Gregory Ellenburg


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