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Selena Moshell

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Today I am speaking with Selena Moshell, who spent over 8.5 years traveling as a performer for The Lion King. Additionally she’s performed as an aerialist and dancer for Walt Disney World and Royal Caribbean Cruises. She’s also the owner of Selena Moshell Photography where she provides her expertise as both a videographer and photographer.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Her positive reframing practice
  • Having a pinball of answer to define your occupation
    Our shared love of the power of stories and personal engagement
  • Intentionally NOT setting GOALS
  • Lifelong learning and learning styles
  • Struggling with  feelings LESS than, when we allow other people to define what we should be doing


First of all I wanted to say I know it’s been a while! I just got back from a 10 day trip to California. My husband Michael and I were in a different city every two days, so it’s really nice to be back reunited with our puppy Webster and settling back into the swing of things. During our trip I started The Alchemist and I felt like it was speaking to my soul. Every few pages I was underlining something I wanted to remember! If you’re cheap and want to listen to it for free you can use my code “LPP” at audible.com/trial! I don’t normally include a plug in the intros – but the book was honestly that good!

I believe we all have the capacity to begin living the life we really want. As Paulo Coelho said “People are capable at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” But somewhere along the way our child like sense of wonder and freedom can become weighed down with others expectations, and the story that we aren’t capable or deserving of such a life.

I think it’s important to remember that we aren’t meant to live anyone else’s life besides our own. This may sound intuitive, but I honestly have to remind myself of this quite often. When I find myself comparing myself with others success, income, or looks. It’s then that I am more inclined to make decisions that don’t serve me. I ignore my inner compass and essentially betray myself. I believe this sense of betrayal is most critical in all the
little decisions I make throughout my day. For example, when I’ve dismissed signals from my body to rest and gone ahead and pushed through a workout – simply because it was on my schedule and felt like I HAD to do. I know when this is happening. I’m fighting against what I should be doing. I’ve since realized the importance of honoring what my body is telling me.

Since I like stories to illustrate concepts I’m sharing this one: we have a set of fire escape stairs that we use to get into our building. It’s somewhat common knowledge that dogs have a fear of walking up such stairs, because their depth perception is different than ours. However upon getting our puppy Webster, I decided one day that we could just give it a try. And without hesitation he just went up the stairs, no problem. He had no preconceived fears of walking up these stairs, he just did it! Now, people notice how effortlessly he climbs this particular set of stairs…as if he isn’t supposed to be able to do it. The moral of the story: we all have the power to decide the way we perceive a proposed obstacle. I had a good friend who once told me that if his life was a book, he wanted it to be a page turner and that’s something I haven’t forgotten. I


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