LPP #39 Redefining Yourself with Leslie Haas


Leslie Haas & Duncan Littlefield

Co-founder’s  of Paper Airplanes Co.

☎️ : (203) 246-6638

Personal IG: @lesliefhaas | IG: @paperairplanesco
✉️ : hello@paperairplanesco.com | FB: @PaperAirplanesCo

The guests’ on my podcast have grown to understand that the only thing stopping them from roaming free & exploring is themselves. Instead of staying trapped by self-limiting behaviors they have gathered the courage to step out of their comfort zone. They have let go of the familiar and stepped outside into the unknown. So often we grow accustomed to what is familiar and then, when given the opportunity to change, we continue repeating what we know. We stay trapped by our old habits and remain dependent upon others for our survival. The guest’s I’ve had on the Liveng Proof Podcast have recognized their power. They understand how beautiful, capable, strong & independent they are. They are explorers hunting for what feeds their soul.

And today’s guest is no different: Leslie Haas quit her steady corporate job to pursue her own venture: Paper Airplanes Co. whose aim is to create inspiring content, manage social platforms, and develop your brand, all through the art of connection.

In this episode you will hear about how being the eldest of three with two special needs siblings molded Leslie into who she is today.

  • How to deal with judgment
  • Her struggle with always feeling different
  • We discuss effective listening skills
  • The result and power of being heard by others
  • Actionable steps  to implement about how to catch yourself in a loop, how to get yourself out of old familiar habits that no longer serve you AND how to recognize and prevent self-sabotage
  • struggles and rejection that caused me to press the “wake-up” button
  • How I met my business partner @dflittlefield leading us to co-found @paperairplanesco

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