LPP #38 Showing Love with Bo Stegall


Bo Stegall
Founder and CEO

Bo Stegall | The Salon

bostegall.care | IG: @bostegall | FB: @BoStegallSalon 

225 E Stone Ave. Greenville SC 29609

Today I am speaking with Bo Stegall. Owner of Bo Stegall Salon here in Greenville, SC. And he spent 9 years developing Bo Stegall The Collection: his own anti-aging line of hair care products. You can shop the collection at bostegall.care and if your local to the Greenville area you can experience the luxurious salon for yourself and shop Bo Stegall | The Collection while you’re there. Additionally Bo has also starred in two reality tv shows. And was an on-camera style expert for E!, MTV, VH1, and TV Guide for several years. As if that wasn’t enough he’s also a huge animal lover and co-owner of the Noble Dog Hotel



Originally from small town Dacusville, South Carolina, Bo spent his childhood between his Mother’s beauty shop and helping his Dad dig swimming pools. But his fond childhood came to a screeching halt when just five days after he graduated high school, his mother passed away from small cell lung cancer. While grieving the loss of his Mother, the trajectory of his life began to change as if she were still there guiding him.


During a college psychology class he was struck with a crystal clear vision of what his life was to be. Three months later at 18 years old, with nothing more than a U-haul, a small stash of savings, and a stockpile of ramen noodles… he made the drive across country to LA, where he knew no one, all to follow this vision. With his humble heart and fierce work ethic Bo Stegall became a celebrity hair stylist in Los Angeles CA. He’s personally styled a laundry list of celebrities including 50 cent, Akon, Missy Elliot, Travis Tritt – just to name a few.




Just a disclaimer that these are adults having adult conversations so if you have little ones around you may want to save this episode for later, or pop some headphones in. Also there may be topics we discuss, that you find triggering, so please do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself! 


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