LPP #36 Living the Life You’re Meant For with Hannah Mckeel


Hannah Mckeel | owner:Mckeely Creative  | owner: The Meant Studio  | Instagram:@mckeelycreative  | Instagram: @themeantstudio

The Meant Studio: 1320 Hampton Avenue Greenville, SC, 29601| Studio Drop-in Hours: 4-6 PM M/T/Th | Email: hello@mckeely.net


In today’s episode I’m speaking with my very good friend Hannah Mckeel owner of Mckeely Creative (@mckeelycreative on insta) and The Meant Studio (@themeantstudio on insta).

I wanted to kick off today’s intro with a concept I’ve been thinking about lately and that is this idea that we cannot truly take in the view from the top of the mountain, unless we have climbed it ourselves. People can tell us what it looks like, show us pictures, or even footage…but until we have walked the path ourselves, we cannot fully comprehend and appreciate the perspective of that journey.

Personally I am a closet autodidactic.  I’m always hungry to learn. I strive to take care of myself so that I can best serve those around me. I understand that where I pour my energy is where I will grow. I’m also very aware that there will be setbacks and challenges, but that these are necessary tests: they are how I will grow. And I deeply respect the process. I know my journey has molded me into what I am.



Some people have a vision and they want instant results. I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that the demand for instant gratification is at an all time high. I see this mindset often with some of my first time personal training clients. And it’s okay, I don’t blame them. They’ve drank the proverbial punch that has told them that “that’s what they should expect”. And in most cases today if you’ve got the money, you can receive tangible products and services instantaneously. But there’s still something you cannot you can’t get on demand: experience. This requires  committed hours of dedication towards something You simply can’t BUY the experience gained from starting your own business. You actually have to live through it,  and this is something the exchange of legal tender cannot deliver. The intangible experience you acquire by dreaming and doing. Living and risking. Talking and connecting.

Hannah’s story is one that cannot be bought. It’s a story of choosing independence. But also finding strength in recognizing that we all stand taller, when we lift each other up. Initially  stemming from a desire to figure it out herself, but discovering that we all grow stronger in community. Hannah was driven by her passion for education and a desire to cultivate a vocation that allowed her to use all of her gifts. And most importantly her knack for guiding others to see their greatest potential.


With all of our overlapping values, it doesn’t take much to see why Hannah and I grew to be fast friends. And as my photographer, I  just have to credit this girl for helping me personally discover my potential. Her vision for my brand coupled with her ability to attend to all that I have to offer, is part of the reason I am here with you today! Hannah has transformed my instagram, by creating a consistent look that has further defined my brand. You guys may or may not know that I’ve also studied photography:  I had the amazing opportunity to study photography abroad in Paris, I’ve also worked as a wedding photographer, as well as an in-house photographer at an interior design firm. Photography was in fact my first business, I had a website and everything. But again I recognize that we accomplish so much more when we work in community. And personally I found it very challenging to take stylized photos of myself. For one the logistics aren’t in your favor, but more importantly the confidence and energy that shines through the photo is so much MORE when there is someone who believes in you standing on the other side of that lens. Hannah always believes the photos will be great, and so they are. Her energy is contagious. And I can’t thank her enough for her for sharing her gifts with me.


How she first started as a photographer

Her passion for community

Her advice on discovering what you were meant to do

Cues on how to recognize when to change your path

We discuss the stigma associated with having a “side hustle”

Her advice on how to live in joy exactly where you’re at, even if you’re not exactly where you want to be



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Photos From:Mckeely Creative (@mckeelycreative and The Meant Studio (@themeantstudio)




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