LPP #22 The Verity In All Things with Dr. Lori Carnsew

Lori Carnsew is the owner of Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle – an independently owned family healthcare practice, which implements the direct primary care model of medicine. She explains this in the episode but in a nutshell, it means you can call/text/email her directly anytime & ultimately have a more personalized one-on-one relationship with her.

She received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The Ohio State University. After working as an engineer for General Motors, she completed her medical degree at Wayne State University School of Medicine and a Family Medicine Residency at Greenville Health System. She worked at Liberty Family Care for 16 years before opening Verity.

She is experienced in the care of pregnant women, infants, children, teens, adults, geriatrics and the dying. She has expertise taking care of patients across settings, including in office maintenance care, urgent and sick care, inpatient hospital care, nursing home and hospice.

Dr. Carnsew is board certified in Family Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She has been an active member of the South Carolina Academy of Family Physicians since 1998 and is a strong advocate for family medicine. She is passionate about the care of her patients and equipping them to live a healthy lifestyle.


✔️Why she started her own practice under the direct primary care model, and the benefits of this type of healthcare model – why more doctors are leaning towards this type of care.

✔️All medications have side effects. She’ll write prescriptions for  patients with the goal that they will eventually make the appropriate lifestyle changes to be without it.

✔️Lori shares about the daily frustration she faced at her former practice, with not being able to make changes. And the subsequent burnout that ensued from enduring this long-term.

✔️She discusses the doubts she faced when venturing out to start her own independent practice

✔️Dr. Lori talks about how she had to face the facts and learn how to take care of herself. Including implementation of realistic time management and identifying when it’s necessary to say no

✔️She discusses her experience with thinking she could do it all. And how she ultimately realized “When you say yes to something you’re saying no to something else”

✔️The pressures a doctor faces to embody the perfect picture of health

✔️The feelings of failure she experienced, when patients would fail to make lifestyle changes (even though this was beyond her control). It’s a tough pill to swallow; to accept that you can’t force someone to change and that they will only change when they are ready to do so.

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And on the topics of HEALTH:
✔️ T
he effects of not getting enough sleep
✔️ The importance of a plant-based whole food diet
✔️ Her take on the ketone diet & intermittent fasting
✔️ Artificial sweeteners & Stevia
✔️ How she got started meditating and saw positive changes within just 5 days




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