LPP #20 Finding A New Normal with Martha Childress

Today’s guest is Martha Childress (@martha.childress on Facebook). She is the youngest guest I’ve ever had here on the show but by no means is she unscathed or pretentious. She may be young but she has arguably endured more obstacles than most of us face in our entire lifetime. I’ve actually first met Martha back when I was helping tutor her for her SAT’s – so it’s a bit nostalgic for me because now she’s starting the next chapter as she is preparing to graduate college.

A little over 3 years ago, during Martha’s freshman year at  USC she was struck by a stray bullet, and was left her paralyzed from the waist down. At 18 years old her life completely changed – she had to find a new normal – a new way to more forward. 

In this episode we discuss her journey. She’s developed a deeper appreciation for seizing the moment. And says if anything she’s now more courageous than ever! She made the decision that she wasn’t going to let her circumstances hold her back. Since her accident she’s gone sky-diving, downhill skiing, water skiing, attends tennis camps, regularly practices yoga – and her involvement in her school will blow you away!

How she shifts her mindset when she’s feeling in a darker place
Her desire to be seen for who she is, beyond the chair
Martha shares her experience & advice for accessibility-friendly spaces
We discuss the role hollywood has placed in stereotyping people in wheel-chairs
She shares her restorative practices when she’s faced with perfection, control, and the need to “feel productive”
Martha openly shares about her experience with the media after her accident
Overcoming the vulnerability that comes with asking for help
Getting to know herself again

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