LPP #17 Celebrating Yourself with Allie Monday

Allie Monday is the owner of Ladygroove; which provides high-end boudoir photography that celebrates body confidence. The concept for Ladgroove was born from Allie’s own journey of learning to love her body. And she’s got quite the story to tell. From her “sex drug rock & roll past”, to finding solace in religion, to becoming a sex-ed teacher, and finally a photographer. Her path is far from insipid. Allie avoids easy answers and instead invites others to truly get to know themselves, so that you can learn to celebrate yourself. She thoughtfully explains learning how to be with the feelings & emotions we often avoid. We get very real in this conversation. It is my belief that when we share our truest selves, we let others know they are not alone.


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  • Overcoming the idea that it’s your partner’s responsibility to “complete you”
  • She speaks about her own journey with faith
  • Why sexual expression matters and how to talk about it
  • Her latest morning routines
  • Doing what’s best for yourself without feeling guilty about it
  • The strong role dancing played in overcoming depression 


Photo’s Courtesy of Allie Monday: https://www.instagram.com/ladygroove/


This episode is perfect for anyone who’s ever struggled to find their purpose, battled depression, denied their inner wisdom.


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