LPP #15 A Piercing Passion with Shannon Pierce

In this episode we have a very special treat  – and I will say in advance that we cover some very deep, substantial, and also sensitive material in this episode. For some people who listen to this, it will be I think the most important podcast episode you ever listen to. And that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the stories and lessons you will hear from Shannon Pierce

  • Shannon is a magna cum laude graduate of Clemson University and has spent over 20 years as a practiced nurse.
  • She is also the founder of CareCam Innovations and the inventor of the patented CareCam Documentation System.
  • This “Medical Documentation System” was issued a U.S. Patent in June of 2009.
  • Additionally She was awarded “Innovator of the Year” and the “Unsung Hero Award”  by Interim Healthcare.
  • In this episode Shannon talks about how frustrated she was with traditional healthcare documentation. She saw that too much time was spent documenting patient’s care, sacrificing the amount of facetime clinicians actually spent with patients.
  • She recognized early on that written, typed, and dictated records are time consuming, error prone, subject to fraud and abuse, and cumbersome to retrieve.
  • So she  devised a solution that was well ahead of its time. Her vision of a creating a patient-centric video documentation system, designed to replace, enhance, or supplement current cumbersome documentation methods led to the creation of CareCam Health Systems (Her company’s name just changed for re-branding purposes, they are now doing business as New Ocean Health)
  • In 2011 she gave the TEDx – “Passion Prompted by Pain” to share the story behind the inspiration and drive of her invention

We cover a lot in this episode:

  • The passing of her three younger brothers all before their 30th birthday
  • Facing Expectations & Failure
  • Overcoming personal and professional crisis of faith
  • Dealing with slander

This is one of the most powerful conversations that I’ve ever had on this podcast.

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Local folks who have been instrumental…
SCL South Carolina Launch
Greenville Tech and Clemson
St. Francis
Interim Health
Bo Aughtry, Russell Smart, Ray Schroeder, Michael Bucci
Husband – Olly and sons


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    Philip haines
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    I love it you really done a very wonderful job it very heart warming

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