LPP #14 Life in The Cycle Lane with Eric Skoloff


Today you’ll hear my conversation with Eric Skoloff as we talk about everything from the soft spot he has for sappy love songs to launching one of his dream businesses: Cycle Bar here in Greenville, SC!

First as usual, a bit of backstory:

Originally from Virginia, Eric has called Greenville SC home for over 20 years with his wife Katie, their two boys, and two dogs (Flea & Soldier) – who you will hear from a couple of times during the interview.

Eric comes from a history of people with a passion for health and wellness. Skoloff senior was a pediatrician, so you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Eric spends the first half of his day alongside neurosurgeon’s in the operating room looking after his clients as they undergo brain surgery. The second half of his day has been devoted to launching his latest venture: Cycle Bar: a brand new streamlined spin cycling studio. For those of you listening who either live in a larger city: it’s very similar to SoulCycle and FlyWheel. I personally jumped on the opportunity to try out Cycle Bar the first week it opened last – at the beginning of January!

I started taking cycle classes regularly while I was in college and instantly fell in love with them It’s true what they say – you don’t know how good something is until it’s gone. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was at my school; we had an amazing high-energy instructor who played music that I absolutely loved. It wasn’t until I was home for the summer and tried other spin classes that I realized not all spin classes are created equal.

In my opinion an AMAZING spin class requires a three key things:
1. Music that gets me pumped & keeps me motivated
2. A Dark Room
3. A High-Energy Instructor who also motivates me to push outside of my comfort zone

I have to say – it took me a while after we moved here to find a class that fit my criteria.  But  I eventually found her. The spin instructor that she spoke my language – and I was hooked!

But like they also say – all good things must come to an end right?  Eventually she stopped teaching, and we stopped going to that gym. I promise my story has a point…I say all of this to say that you better believe I was beside myself when I saw that MY favorite teacher was back in action and teaching at Cycle Bar!!

Like any loyal student I signed up for her FIRST class at Cycle Bar! And I absolutely loved it:  my favorite teacher at a shiny new studio! Amazing music: obvious CHECK. Dark room? Complete with changing light scenes – reminded me of a club – in a good way. And of course my favorite high energy teacher Sean Schumacher (who I will be on an upcoming episode).

Of course I’m a bit partial to her, but I have tried other instructors since and so far I’m still loving the experience. And just to be clear, no I am not sponsored or receiving payment to promote this place. I just believe that when we’ve had a bad experience from a business, we can be very quick to tell everyone and their mother about it. Conversely, when we’ve received amazing service, we don’t always take the time to spread the word about how truly GOOD something is!

In this episode Eric and I discuss health in all aspects of life. From the obvious things like eating right, exercise, and sleep hygiene to:

  • recognizing our strengths and creating a life that harnesses them
  • learning how to delegate
  • the importance of having a vision
  • And how to create the life you really want

You can learn more about Cycle Bar at this link: Cycle Bar Greenville

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If you’re local to the Greenville area – I highly recommend taking a ride at cycle bar! They not only provide towels, fresh fruit, lockers,etc… but also hook you up with the special clip in cycle shoes! I realized how much better my ride was after I purchased my own for about $100 bucks…back when I was taking classes at that other gym. So it’s super convenient that they provide these shoes for you!

Find them at: 307 East McBee Avenue In Downtown Greenville

PHOTO CRED: https://www.instagram.com/cyclestarsean/ | https://www.instagram.com/yeahthatcyclebar/ 


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