LPP #135 Divorced Parents, She/Her, Depression, ED Recovery, & Cystic Acne with Bri Vieira

Bri (she/her) is a mental health and lgbtq+ advocate who goes by Little Wandering Soul online. She is originally from NJ, but has called Boston, MA her home for the past 8 years. Bri started Little Wandering Soul on Instagram in January 2019 when she was going through a hard time. Her relationship was deteriorating and she was just back to work after being on a leave of absence for her mental health struggles. As she struggled to find passion in her work, love life and within myself she took to Instagram as a way to express herself.

She started to write transparently and authentically about what was going on in her life. About her struggles with depression, anxiety, coming out and her life-long journey of learning to love herself.

As time went on and she wrote more about my experiences, people began reaching out and sharing their stories. Bri began feeling like she wasn’t alone anymore – she felt encouraged, valued and like she had purpose.

It’s been less than a year and she is so grateful for this platform that has given her opportunity, connection, confidence and most importantly, a way to give back to her community. 

She makes sure to leave everyone with this message as they find her page: While every story is different, know you are never alone in your struggle.



Growing up with a surrogate younger sister

Navigating her parents divorce when she was 12, after her Dad came out as gay

How she processed her Dad’s sexual orientation

Her experience coming out as a gay woman

She shares how her eating disorder developed and evolved

Looking for coping strategies when we don’t feel like we have the tools to handle

 The shame cycle (binge/restrict cycle)

Her experience with embracing her cystic acne 

Normalizing imperfect skin

Intentionally placing yourself in environments that serve you

The healthy coping strategies she’s cultivated over the years

Her process of looking for a therapist


Armchair Expert Ep. with Whitney Cummings

Instagram: @littlewanderingsoul

Twitter: @wanderingbri

YouTube: Little Wandering Soul

Facebook: @littlewanderingsoul 

Tumblr: little wandering soul

Email: engrid@livengproof.com
Instagram: @livengproof
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