LPP #13 Setting The Bar with Becki & Emily of Local Beauty Barre


In today’s episode you’ll here my first ever conversation with not one, but TWO interview guests! As we discuss everything from their coffee shop obsession to building their dream business from the ground up.

Becki and Emily met a few years back when Emily began regularly attending Becki’s barre classes! I also had the opportunity to take Becki’s classes while home for the holidays in New Hampshire. I really enjoyed her classes – they were fun, and SO different from what I usually do! I remember loving how much more aligned I felt after.

Becki successfully owned and managed her own private barre studio. While Emily ran her own business as a hair stylist & makeup artist. With their like-minded girl-boss mentality it’s no surprise the duo quickly became friends. A little over a year ago they decided to join forces and start a new venture to create a place that blended both their strengths. The vision for LOCAL Beauty Barre was born.It was to be a full service Salon and Spa  as well as a Boutique Fitness Center offering Barre, Yoga, Mat Pilates, TRX & Pilates Reformer Classes – combining the best of both their worlds!

In this episode the girls discuss the many obstacles they faced. And how they stayed SO positive in times of doubt. And the strength they have found in each other to take this daring leap.  

From working alongside their electricians, assisting with HVAC piping installation, light fixtures, selecting tile and handmade touches sourced from local vendors. These girls are the real deal;  pulling long hours, hands dirty, knee deep in constructing their dream. I have no doubt you will be absolutely captivated by their bubbling energy & excitement as they share their journey to making their dream a reality.

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I N   T H I S   E P I S O D E:

  • Becki & Emily talk about the “behind the scenes” hand’s on work they’ve been doing for the past year to create their vision: the LOCAL Beauty Barre, an independently owned salon, spa and fitness center with strong local roots.
  • They discuss the people who have gone above and beyond to help them get started, the support they’ve found, and the challenges they’ve overcome.
  • Becki & Emily talk about having the power to say “no” and cultivating respect as business women.
  • They both share about not always knowing the answer but having to make decisions on the fly. And reaching the point of being so out of their comfort zone that they actually did regain a sense of confidence about the decisions they had to make.
  • The girls discuss the power of attraction and how it’s allowed them to cultivate their very loyal and expansive “family” of clients.
  • What makes you want to go back to a business – some sense of connection & vulnerability
  • Becki & Emily share of that they are petrified to fail. They’ve taken a huge gamble on this new venture together. They talk about all the pressures they put on themselves to make their employees happy and fulfilled.
  • The girls talk about what drew them to each other to trust that they could work with one another!

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