LPP #119 Reclaiming Your Power & Reconnecting To Your Intuition with Engrid Latina, Kat Beck, & Dr. Sarah Cohen

This is a VERY special episode because it is the recording of my very first ever LIVE podcast episode! Which has been a dream of mine for years and I’m still shook that it actually happened. I had the honor of hosting it alongside two of my favorite women here in my community: Kat Beck & Dr. Sarah Cohen. It’s an hour of serious courage and truth telling. I was just beside myself to be sitting in the presence of these two women as they shared their personal experiences that lead them to where they are today and why we are each so passionate about inviting others to reclaim their power.

FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: Sensitive topics are discussed in this episode and you may be triggered. Should this happen, please do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.


  • Each of our personal stories that lead us to be passionate about helping others reclaim their power
  • How the culture as a whole centers around disempowerment
  • Being ordinary and “fitting in” is energy neutral and in this state we are never really connecting to our souls higher purpose and mission
  • Modalities that disconnect us from ourselves: diet culture, capitalism, birth control, pharmaceuticals, perfectionism, comparison
  • Perfectionism as a coping strategy
  • Birth control and the array of damaging effects it can have
  • ADD medication and how this further disconnects us from ourselves 
  • “Being raw and real is what makes someone beautiful, but being beautiful can not make someone raw or real”
  • The power of mirrors and speaking to our reflections with love + kindness 
  • Knowing that we were all born worthy of love and belonging and that we are enough just as we are
  • Speaking to ourselves with love + kindness, and what we model to ourselves and our children
  • Posture + Breath: and how it affects our mental/emotional state


  • How the “ideal” is a constantly moving target
  • Societies overemphasis on your physical body as your worth
  • How our cultures values instill a sense of competition
  • How to find balance & dialing into your natural rhythms 
  • Recognizing and tuning out the old patterned thoughts that no longer serve you
  • Feeling guilty about “not doing enough” & allowing ourselves to rest
  • Practices of building TRUST back with your body


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And big thank you to Kuka Juice for hosting the event!????


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