LPP #116 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique & Exploring Our Own Authenticity with Jeroen de Wit

Today I had the privilege of connecting with Jeroen de Wit. In his words he is on this planet to midwife as many people as possible into living an authentic life. He does this using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Energy Healing, and teaching about consciousness and meditation. He grew up in the Netherlands but now lives in LA.


  • Experiences we have as children and how they lend themselves to our spiritual purpose later in life
  • The importance of having permission to explore our own authenticity
  • Learning where you feel most grounded
  • Feeling like he was always living looking from the outside. in
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) → formally known as past life regression sessions
  • The subconscious mind: the part of us that knows it is God reincarnate in the body, it is pure unconditional love, & knows everything about our current life time and all the other lifetimes we’ve had
  • How generationally we are increasing planetary consciousness 
  • When we experience trauma we lose parts of ourselves/ close off to them → When we are healing we go through the process of acquiring those lost parts of ourselves  
  • How trauma gets stored in the body 
  • Bioenergetics & how it is used to heal physical blocks (both physical & emotional pain) in the musculature of the body
  • How old emotional needs that are not met = stored trauma in the body. It is in the re-experiencing, and in so doing the trauma is released
  • We touch on the akashic records
  • How he manages his ego in his practice Because I would feel like “I hope they are satisfied with this experience that I am providing for them? 


Website: www.jeroenqhht.com
IG: @JeroenIsLove
FB: @JeroenIsLove
YouTube: Source Energy Therapy QHHT 

Jeroen offers monthly group regressions in LA at Den Meditation, Liberate Hollywood and Bindupoint. To make an appointment for a private session: www.jeroenqhht.com or over at his Instagram profile: @JeroenIsLove


IG: @livengproof
Liveng Proof Podcast 


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