LPP #110 Getting Something Off My Chest [SOLO] with Engrid Latina

I’m back on the mic solo with you in this episode and I’m laying it all out there. I’m sharing some things that have been weighing on my heart and as usual embracing that vulnerability.


Why you’re exactly where you need to be

Where I’m at with this podcast RN

How my podcast may be changing going forward

Story time: a real life triggering experience I had with a snake and the meaning I derived from it

Why fear is a future focused thing that robs us of experiencing the present moment

The shift that is happening for around the idea of post-pregnancy weight loss

For women who have NOT have a child and are in a growing/larger sized body – what is the narrative here??

It makes me feel like, “I haven’t had a baby…so what’s my excuse?”

Why I feel like recovering from anorexia feels like I’m re-birthing myself

I’m practicing acceptance in discovering who I am

How I recently challenged a fear-based food rule of eating bread

ED Recovery IG Account Mentioned:  @meandmyed.art


Instagram: @livengproof

Liveng Proof Podcast



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