LPP #11 Sculpting Your Vision with Charles Pate

Today you’ll hear my conversation with Charles Pate as we talk about everything from star gazing in Africa to teaching art to inmates in a high security prison.


First let me give you a little bit of context:
Charles has newly relocated back to Greenville, SC with his wife Sarah and their baby boy Charlie.  Anyone local to the Greenville area
may know his work from sculptures displayed throughout the city. Charles is an award-winning painter and sculptor from Greenville, SC. After national success at an early age, he enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he graduated with honors in painting and art history in 2008. Charles believes that art-making is in his DNA. Charles follows in the footsteps of his father, Charlie, who is also a painter and sculptor. The father and son duo have worked as a team to collaborate on several major projects but also work independently of one another. Charles has shown work both internationally and stateside.

Oddly enough, I was introduced to Charles artwork through my husband, who plays basketball with him. And in fact we discuss the duality between Charles the Artist and Charles the Athlete. His artistic side includes choir singing, theater, and of course all of his artwork. The athlete includes his time as a lacrosse coach, weight training, and basketball.

In this episode, Charles shares openly about failures he’s faced and how he coped with them. Ultimately he has learned that when a situation does not make sense there is often a reason for it – one of which led him to meet his wife.

You can learn more about Charles’s artwork at cpatejr.com/

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I N   T H I S   E P I S O D E:

  • How sculpting is a drawing form that keeps getting rotated. Where as painting is about color and flattening things out.
  • How he switches gears and rejuvenates himself by alternating between sculpting and painting.
  • The struggle to find the balance between “are you willing to do anything for a paycheck” and the pride you take in your work
  • What he learned from teaching art to inmates at a high security prison
  • His take on overcoming failure and how it’s the source of our own personal growth.
  • How Charles’s experience as a lacrosse coach has helped him develop the skills to teach art to others
  • He speaks to the challenges that go along with promoting yourself, being judged by competitors and critics, and cultivating the courage to share his work
  • Charles’s duality between his artwork and his time as a collegiate lacrosse player
  • Charles shares openly about failures he’s faced and how he coped with them. Ultimately he has learned that when a situation does not make sense there is often a reason for it. He applied to a graduate program for his masters in studio art and did not get accepted. Shortly after that he got a job that was very important to his financial success, his portfolio, and also met his now wife Sarah
  • Cultivating and growing his own confidence to discover the value of his work
  • Charles shared so openly about own the toughest falls he’s had & facing self-doubt: “There have been a few projects or things I was really interested in and interested in pursuing that didn’t work out. And I’ve always felt  that’s probably been the hardest thing for me to deal with is just trying to have a grasp on where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to do. And if that doesn’t work out, if that door is abruptly shut, then it kind of seems like maybe I didn’t know what I was doing all along. It’s more than just ‘that didn’t work’ but maybe I’ve been off base for a while here”


Photo’s and artwork courtesy of
cpatejr.com/ & cpatejr.blogspot.com/ 




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