LPP #105 Learning Who I Am Outside of An Eating Disorder & Supporting Someone Battling an ED with Allie Bales

In this episode I’m chatting with long-time Liveng Proof Podcast listener: Allie Bales. She and her husband, are the creators of Fearless Living a lifestyle blog centered around providing support for others to pursue their health, relationships, faith, and dreams fearlessly.

Allie is filled with passion about connecting and collaborating with other women who have similar passions and dreams as myself.

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This episode was brought to you by the Liveng Proof Lightroom Mobile Preset 6-Pack. Get the preset 6-pack and take your photos to the next level!


  • How Allie discovered the Liveng Proof Podcast and ultimately what drew her in
  • Her eating disorder recovery journey 
  • Her struggle with being tall & the impact that had on how she related to her body
  • Her experience hitting puberty first among her group of friends
  • Feeling like she was different than her peers because of her height
  • How she used controlling her weight to cope with stress
  • ED’s are not about the food – it’s a coping mechanism that serves a purpose to deal with a deeper issue, in Allie’s case it was anxiety
  • Her experience admitting herself into an eating disorder clinic for anorexia
  • The binge-restirct cycle
  • How the ED clinic focused solely on getting her weight restored and not the mental component of the disorder – she was discharged once her weight was restored, but didn’t feel as though she had the tools to navigate “I still have an eating disorder”
  • Discovering through out-patient talk therapy  that the root cause of her ED was an anxiety disorder
  • The stigma she felt when she started taking anti-anxiety medication
  • Feeling shame because she felt like she needed medication for her mental health
  • Currently in process of learning to live/eat intuitively 
  • Learning who she is outside of her eating disorder  
  • How she navigated the increased anxiety she would feel when she was not engaging in eating disorder behavior
  • Fear of letting go of eating disorder behavior 
  • The self-hatred she experienced in having an eating disorder
  • How ED behaviors help block, suppress & numb deeper feelings/emotions that you may not have the tools to know how to deal with
  • Going through the stage of not being able to differentiate ED thoughts from your own thoughts & how this effects your ability to trust yourself
  • We all have coping mechanisms, it’s just that some are not as positive as others
  • Intuitive living – living in a way that aligns with my values and that positively serves me
  • ED flags: 
    • Black and white / all-or-nothing extreme thinking
    • perfectionism
    • Obsessive tendencies
  • The evolution of recovery:  learning to choose a (different) coping mechanism that serves you just one step more positively 
  • The didn’t feel like she was given the tools she needed to succeed coming out of in-patient clinic treatment
  • Eating disorders can occur at any body size
  • How eating disorders are similar to an iceberg, it only sticks out a little bit, where most of the problem is below the surface
  • Weight restoration is only ONE piece of the puzzle
  • How to support someone battling an ED
  • How her husband has made her feel supported and taken proactive steps to learning about ED’s
  • Writing down the thoughts you are having (helpful tool to see the stories/beliefs you are living by that aren’t serving you)
  • How to help those in your life know their role in your eating disorder recovery 
  • Communicating your needs to others who are there to support your recovery helps prevent unrealistic expectations on them
  • How to create a support structure for your recovery
  • The importance of catching the negative thought patterns and saying them aloud/sharing them with others to remove it’s power
  • The importance of community & connection
  • Learning that you don’t have to feel exhausted to feel fulfilled
  • How the living proof podcast has helped her put words to things she has felt and to explain some of her experiences with recovery to family and friends
  •  How the podcast has opened her eyes to looking at wellness from a grander scale



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