LPP #102 Family Constellation Therapy, Healing Trans-generational Trauma, & Clairvoyant Energy Healing with Hanna Bier

Hanna helps ambitious women across the world heal deeply and create the successful, love-filled and freedom-based lives they desire. She uses Energy Clearings, Family Constellations and masterful life + business strategy, so you can transcend your current challenges and move into a new level of confidence creating your abundant future with ease.

Hanna has worked with hundreds of women helping them achieve new levels of success in their love-based businesses, fall in love with the perfect mate for them, as well as grow lighter + brighter and live more abundantly than ever before. She hosts the podcast Mystics On A Mission Show and currently lives in London, United Kingdom.


Website: www.hannabier.com

Instagram: @hannafreespirited

Facebook: @Hanna Bier


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  • Growing up in a family with a lot of trauma history (war trauma, abuse, mental illness)
  • She shares about her struggles with anxiety disorder, depression, being suicidal, and anorexia, and sexual abuse
  • Being denied care by multiple psychotherapists, told her that her case was too severe
  • Recognizing the importance of making her own decision to live
  • What is REAL healing
  • The turn that caused her to leave her days  partying, to living like a monk (studying ayurveda, the brain, hormonal, & nervous system), practicing yoga, meditating 8 hours/day
  • Learning how the body works and how trauma can be healed
  • Healing that is tangible in the external world
  • Her intention was to provide her clients with short-term (week’s/months), tangible, long-lasting results
  • Her method to creating lasting results with her clients
  • Family Constellation Therapy & epigenetics (how family trauma is generationally passed down)
  • She leads a Family Constellation guided meditation
  • The narratives & patterns we adopt from our family system that we take on, to be loved and belong
  • Taking on negative/destructive patterns derived from trauma experienced from earlier generations
  • When we try to heal trauma that is NOT our own, we struggle, because those issues are not derived from our own personal experience
  • It’s less about changing our circumstances and more about changing our perspective of our situation
  • What causes the most amount of pain is not the condition itself but it’s the story we tell about it
  • Approaching an issue from multiple angles (emotional attachment, stories they have in their heads, habits they have, family patterns of how they relate to the problem)
  • Her experience as a clairvoyant and how she uses it to see energy and heal others
  • Our bodies and family systems want to bounce back into their natural state of health
  • Clearing all the stories we have may open us up to see/receive the solutions we may not otherwise have access to
  • She shares about why she refers to herself as a Priestess Of The Divine Feminine
  • Past lives and receiving messages from nature
  • The 13 Moon Archetypes
  • Masculine & Feminine energies


Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance  by Sanaya Roma



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