LPP #100 Anorexia Recovery, Reframing Why We Exercise, & Breaking Free From ED Culture with Claire Purnell

To celebrate episode 100 – I have a very special guest on the show with me today. I asked one of the Liveng Proof Podcast’s biggest fans: Claire Purnell to be on the show so that she could share her eating disorder recovery story and how the Liveng Proof Podcast has impacted her.

Claire Purnell is an 18 year old writer, health & wellness enthusiast, blogger, and dog mom. She has been an ice dancer with her brother for 9 years and they have competed in five U.S Championships but as of February 2019, she has ended her skating career to follow her dreams of being a writer. Claire is transferring colleges next fall and plans to major in journalism. She has a health & wellness Instagram where she aims to spread positivity, mental health awareness and motivation to all. She hopes to do the same one day with her writing.

FYI this is a very open and honest conversation. So friendly disclaimer: there may be topics in this episode that you personally find triggering, and that is okay! Should this happen, please do whatever it is that you need, to take care of yourself. Lastly, some number have been bleeped out, in the interest of mitigating triggering thoughts.

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X Claire’s experience as a professional ice skater and what ultimately led her to quit the sport, after nearly 15 years of competing.

X The gender norms of skating and the critical comments she received

X 2016 she moved from kentucky to MI with her brother to start training with an olympic coach and her team

X The judgenets and critiques she received from skating coaches that planted the seed for her eating disorder

X How ice skating breeds/encourages  eating disorders

X Feeling like everything was her fault

X Feeling both not enough and too much

X Having the “right” to talk about body image when you are in a smaller body

X During her eating disorder began to see ice skating simply as a way to burn calories

X How the Liveng Proof Podcast has helped her restore her relationship with exercise

  • Learning that rest days are okay
  • Movement/workouts can be different form day to day
  • Finding movement that feels good to your body – which is sustainable

X Finding your “Why” with movement / finding movement that makes you feel good

X Working out to feel energized not exhausted



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