LPP #10 A Glorious Season with Jessie Artigue


Today you’ll hear my conversation with Jessie Artigue, she is literally one of my podcasting heros. It was an absolute honor to have the opportunity to chat with this lady!

Let me give you a little bit of context; Jessie lives in sunny Long Beach, California with her husband Gerard and their puppy dog, Sadie Mae. You guys may know this gorgeous lady from her hilariously entertaining podcast Marriage is Funny which she co-hosts alongside her husband. And most recently she’s branched out as the solo host of The Perfect Wife podcast (which I’ve currently already binge listened to)????


She’s a style expert by trade and spent former years as a professional journalist. In this episode she shares [for the first time ever] the NEW exciting project she’s been working on, to be launched in 2017!


You can find out more about both podcast shows at theperfectwife.me and meetthepeppers.com.

Oddly enough, I discovered the Marriage is Funny podcast through instagram, from a post from Jess Lively a while back. Like many people I binge listened to their episodes and found them SO relatable. I have to say that their show has brought up conversations between my husband and I , where I’ve honestly learned some things I never knew about him! Which is saying a lot because I’ve known the guy since 2004.

I’m just incredibly grateful for both Jessie & Gerard for being so vulnerable and for sharing their light with the world. It’s obvious they pour a great deal of time, energy, and love into the show. And most importantly they remind us all that we are not alone.

You can learn more about Jessie’s:
Marriage, lifestyle, and mission to spread great love at styleandpepper.com and meetthepeppers.com

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I N   T H I S   E P I S O D E:

  • Jessie speaks to what it means live a vibrant and abundant life and how achieving happiness has very little to do with reaching for perfection.
  • She advocates the importance of recognizing and releasing the idea that our life should look a certain way
  • The two things Jessie has recognized, that make a significant impact on how satisfied you are with your life (8:40)
  • What redemption looks like to her (13:53)
  • The challenges her marriage faced in their first years of marriage (18:47)
  • The Mercy Curse (20:34)
  • Jessie explains her connection to witnessing the four seasons, the culmination of spring, and its’ depiction of rebirth of life to give her a new perspective (28:15)
  • Jessie discusses her darkest moments and how it gave her insight to start Pepperologie
  • The book her mother gave her that changed her life: The Power of a Praying Wife
  • How she handles self doubt and the way she combats it (this one’s a keeper!) (50:00)
  • She shares one of the most cherished gifts she’s ever received from her husband Gerard. Look for the full story on an upcoming episode of Marriage Is Funny
  • Jessie shares the roller coaster of experiences that shaped her own body image.



Style & Pepper | Marriage is Funny | Pepperologie | jessieartigue.com | The Perfect Wife | Meet The Peppers


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