I ❤ these Workout Tanks by Firedaughter Clothing!

Hi Everyone!

I stumbled across this shop on Etsy recently and loved it so much that I actually ordered one of these tanks as a birthday gift for someone! Samya is the shop owner and she’s a doll! I love her designs and the message they send.  I featured some of my personal favorites below (but she has tons more to choose from)! Also just as a disclaimer, I am not earning a dime from this promotion, I genuinely love her product and thought I would share : )

Check out more of Firedaughter Clothing designs at her Etsy shop!

How could you not want to break a sweat in one of these tanks!?

firedaughter clothing

1. Shine On

2. Eat Clean Train Dirty

3. Suck It Up

4. Work Out

5. Let’s Get Physical

6. Goal Digger


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